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Its always a pleasure when one of my my Wild Rose Press sistahs drops by with their new book. It’s a double pleasure for me when one of those authors is also a NHRWA chaptermate and friend! Today, I’ve got acclaimed writer GINA LEUCI with me, giving you a little insight into her newest  release, CAGED SOULS. 

Gina’s got a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for y’all, too, so stick around. Here’s my friend, Gina:

Thank you, Peggy, for hosting me today to celebrate the release of Caged Souls, book one of my Well of Lies novel.

The idea of this story started back when I was in college (many years ago). While watching a TV show with my son recently, one of the characters struck a chord with me and I knew he was my antagonist that I’d written oh so long ago. A lot has changed in the world since college, one of which is cell phones, and the started story, as written then, really didn’t have merit in today’s society. I brought the idea to my critique group and they steered me in the direction of writing in first person and pointing out that Caleb had to be the hero, not the villain. The story took on a life of its own and bloomed into a novel that needed to be told in two books. Caged Souls is part one of Grace’s story as she travels to and enters into the town of Wellington: A town where secrets run deep, and lies even deeper.


Spending her summer break from college in the small town of Wellington is not Grace Adams’ first choice for excitement. But when her friend falls for the program’s recruiter she decides to tag along. The moment Wellington’s gates lock behind them, she realizes things are not what they seem.  She knows she is in trouble when the sexy chief of police is put in charge of preventing her escape.

Caleb Wellington is charged with keeping Grace in line after she runs afoul of the town council and local bullies.  He finds himself drawn to her, despite her tendency to challenge the rules, her constant questions, and demands for answers. After all the town needs her…doesn’t it?

With time running out and her future at risk, Caleb must make a choice between his town and saving Grace.


“I’ve changed my mind. When is the next bus out of here?”

Caleb nodded to the other man who turned and walked away. “And what is the problem now, Grace?”

I stared at him, my hands on my hips, only just not tapping my foot. “No coffee? That’s obscene.”

“Ah, yes. There is always one who has difficulty with that rule.”

“It’s a stupid rule.”

He smirked. Sure, no emotion on anything else, but he thinks this is funny? I was not amused.

“Coffee, along with alcohol and drugs, contain ingredients limiting our abilities to choose or think clearly. Living a healthier lifestyle allows us to have a better connection with each other and with God.”

My jaw dropped. He was serious. “I get cranky without my coffee.”

“So I see.” The hint of sarcasm was my undoing.

“Shut up,” I yelled, then I pushed him. Okay, maybe pushed is the wrong word. I attempted to shove him, but he didn’t budge an inch. The entire room went quiet and I had a momentary sense of clarity as my eyes connected with his dark steel gaze.

“Okay, I should not have done that. Because you are…” I gulped and instantly became contrite. I slowly moved my hands from his rock-hard chest, “…really big and you could probably snap me like a twig. So don’t. Okay?”

Peggy here: sounds great, doesn’t it?! Thanks so much, Gina, for stopping by and giving us a little taste of Caged Souls.

Thank you all for coming to visit me today. I will be having a couple giveaways including a signed copy of Caged Souls, as well as some mug rugs and snap bags, so leave a comment and I will be drawing a name later today. I hope you enjoy Caged Souls and visit me at www.ginaleuci.com or on facebook at: http://www./facebook.com/GinaLeuciAuthor for updates for book two, Captive Hearts.

A little about Gina: 

Gina Leuci started reading romance at the age of thirteen and never stopped. She met her soul mate on a blind date and married him—not once, but twice (eloped and church wedding). They live in Southern New Hampshire with their son, who makes them laugh every day.

You can find Gina here:

Amazon  // Goodreads  // Twitter  // Wild Rose Press // 




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15 responses to “#NewBookRelease from #author Gina Leuci #WildRosePress #RomSuspense

  1. Rob

    Gina’s writing keeps me riveted, her last book I read in one sitting!! The characters “talk” to you as you are drawn into the story. I look forward to reading Caged Souls and more as Gina continues to write!!


  2. Rob

    Thank you, Rob. I hope you enjoy this book as well. It is my first foray into writing first person and I loved it.


  3. Hi. Thank you, Peggy for supporting my release of Caged Souls today. I am excited to share this new book with everyone. All who comment today will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy as well as a few goodies.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Peggy Jaeger

    my absolute pleasure, darling girl.


  5. Doreen Chenevert

    Love Ginas writing it is so real. I am excited to read this book and every book to come. You rock. All time favorite author


  6. Michelle

    Wishing you much success! You are extremely talented and hope you are having fun!


  7. Thank you to all who came to visit me today. It was so appreciated. I hope you enjoy Caged Souls as much as I enjoy writing it. Michelle and Doreen, you both will be receiving a gift bag.


  8. Gina – This is so great. I can’t wait for more. Then book two, I’m sure.


  9. jenniferbrodie

    I can’t wait to read this and meet your hero, Caleb – but you write villains so well, I can’t wait to see what unravels in the pretty-but-creepy town of Wellington! Absolutely love your cover too. Off to buy!


    • Gina Gallagher-Leuci

      Jennifer, I hope you enjoy Caged Souls. For the first time, I wrote in first person, so you don’t have the villain’s POV,


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  11. Sheila

    Got it. Read it. Loved it! I couldn’t put it down! Well written, Gina! There is just enough teasing, intriguing and suspense that you can’t put the book down.


  12. Gina Gallagher-Leuci

    Sheila, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I will be putting updates via my website or facebook, for the conclusion of Grace’s story which will be told in Captive Hearts.


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