The 25 days of Christmas Ornaments, day 3

Books are, without a doubt, a big factor in my life. Before I ever wrote them, I read them.

A lot of them.

I started reading on my own younger than most kids. My mother tells the story that by the time I went to kindergarten at the age of 5 I was already reading on a second-grade level and the teachers were impressed. My daughter was the same way.

One of the first books I ever remember reading and LOVING is today’s ornament.

This is a replica of Watty Piper’s famous and wonderful book THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD. I think it was originally published about 90 years ago but its simple self motivating message still resounds to this day.

I remember being a kid and reading it and then an adult and reading it to my daughter and I felt the same sense of empowerment both times – this book is one every single child should read. It teaches an extremely valuable lesson on being true to yourself and, in my opinion, reaching for the unattainable, reaching for the stars.

I bought this ornament for myself several years ago and it always claims a visible space on my tree.

Happy Holidays, peeps




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5 responses to “The 25 days of Christmas Ornaments, day 3

  1. So beautiful and so inspiring! 🙂


  2. MJ Schiller

    That is the cutest!


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