Photo of the day, day 137

Patrolling and always on duty to protect me from murderous squirrels.

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Week 6 of the Rone Awards – A PRIDE OF BROTHERS:AIDEN; Suspense/thriller Steamy Category #Vote

How did we get to week 6 already????

The InD’Tale magazine Rone nominees are set for this week. My ROMANTIC SUSPENSE novel from The Wild Rose Press A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: AIDEN is up in the Suspense/Thriller Steamy category and I’m up against some pretty impressive other books!

There’s a song that says I’m not afraid to beg, and I’M NOT!!! Hee hee

If you can see it in your heart to, please vote for A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: AIDEN. I was a finalist with book 1 last year, RIck, and I came in second. I don’t think I have to say how thrilled I’d be to win this year!! And yes, that is shameful self-promotion, but I own it!

Here’s the link to vote: INDTALE MAGAZINE RONE AWARDS

You must first be signed in to vote – this is easy if you don’t have an account. Just sign up. There’s no obligation to buy anything and they’ll never call you!!

Once you are signed in, scroll down to week 6 ( see above graphic) and click on the link that says: (Click Here to Vote for Week 6 Entries)


VOTE, then submit. That’s it. You can only vote once, so I won’t be pestering you to do so daily until the week is over, LOL.

If I become a finalist I’ll let you know.

Thanks so much for the love and support!!! ~ Peg


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Photo of the day, day 136

Doesn’t she look like an alligator or a crocodile when she lays like this?? Hee hee

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#SundaySnippet THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC #PNR #westernromance #secondchances

This little gem released this month to some wonderful reviews. My heart is so full!!!! Here’s a little snippet for your Sunday reading delight:

Cal led her around the outer perimeter of the barn, towards the back parking lot. Once he was certain they were away from prying eyes and ears, he stopped.

Turning to Silvestra, he saw the golden glow of the moon reflected over her head and wondered, for just second, if she could possibly be real.

“You’re beautiful in moonlight, Silvestra. But then, I’ve found you’re beautiful at any time.”

His hands found their way to her upper arms, gently pulling her towards him. “I’ve been dreaming about doing this since the last time we were together.”

Amber eyes widened just a fraction when he brought his head down. Her face lifted to his, a look of open anticipation dancing across it.

With a swiftness born of desperation and cutting need, Cal’s mouth claimed hers.

When her lips parted on a sigh, Cal needed no further invitation. A swift snap of his tongue and he was inside her mouth, probing, exploring. She tasted sweet and full of spice, and so very alive. His heart pounded against his chest, nearly exploding with excitement. The two brief kisses they’d shared were mild temptations, when, once taken, could no longer be ignored.

Silvestra’s mouth moved under his and Cal groaned with need. One hand cupped the nape of her neck as he bent her back across his arm, deepening the kiss. The gasp he heard escape from her thrilled him, spurred him on.

His other hand slinked down her neck, past her shoulders, to rest in the hollow below her breast. Resting his palm against the gentle swell, his thumb flicked across the center. He was rewarded with the nipple instantly beneath the fabric of her dress.

Silvestra arched against him, molding to his form as small mews of pleasure rose from her throat.

Cal’s mouth began a slow descent from her lips, down her neck. When he nipped at the fleshy part of her earlobe, he smiled in delight as she fisted her fingers into his hair, yanking his head further in its exploration.

Silvestra wanted him, of that he was certain. Her body wouldn’t respond this way if she didn’t. But would she respond to that wanting? Or would she be shattered with guilt, tormented by her need? A husband, waiting at home. A son, too.

Cal tried to banish the thoughts. For the moment, for this one special moment, she was his, not another’s.

A wonderful warmth stretched within him; a sensation of rightness followed it.

Intrigued? LOL You can read it on Kindle, in KU, and paperback, here: THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC

Happy Sunday and happy reading, peeps ~ Peg


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Photo of the day, day 135

If I could only teach her how to lie like this when I shoot an imaginary gun at her and say, “Play dead.” We’d make a fortune, heehee

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Photo of the day, day 134

I think we’re gonna need a bigger pool.

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Series Spotlight: NYC Socialites Series from Peggy Jaeger via #Bookthrone #RomCom #seriesromance

This is so cool! BOOKTHRONE is spotlighting my NYC Socialite series this week. Check out the post here: BOOKTHRONE




The only book missing from the list is DIRTY DAMSELS, because the copyright on that is still held by LImitless and is under the DOTCOM girls series pages, but that was the book that started me on this poor-little-riches-to-rags-girls storyline.

Enjoy and happy reading!!!!


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Photo of the day, day 133

My baby…the star. We won’t discuss the grammar issues ( lol)

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Photo of the day, day 132

new sprouts – lettuce in 3 weeks!

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Release day for THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE – Romantic Hauntings book 2 #magnoliablossompublishing #PNR

So excited to share that Book 2 in the Romantic Hauntings series, THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE is out today!

We met WIll in book 1, Merry’s Ghost. He’s Merry’s older brother, an Academy Award Winning indie filmmaker. In this book, he’s filming the script of Merry’s Ghost, as penned by CD Seacort – his now brother-in-law and Merry’s hubby, and he’s found the perfect house to shoot in. The only problem? The owner is very reluctant to have a film made in her home.

Here’s the blurb and a little taste of the story…

Hotshot movie director Wilton June is in pre-production for a new movie. The moment he sees Maison Toussaint he decides it’s the perfect setting for the film and wants to rent it. The one stumbling block? The owner isn’t sure she can let her ancestral home be used in a movie.

Botanist Jerica Toussaint needs cash – a lot of it – to keep her home up to code and her herbal healing business alive. June’s financial offer is oh-so-tempting, as is the director himself. But the house has a secret Jerica’s guarded her entire life. Can she, in good conscience, rent it to a man who may expose it?

Convincing Jerica to trust him with her home – and her secret – is no easy feat and after a time Will realizes he needs to convince her to trust him with one more thing: her heart.

As far as spooky, make-your-skin-crawl, haunted-looking houses went, this one was perfect, Wilton June mused as he gazed up at the Victorian structure. It could have been on the cover of a coffee table book titled The House Buyer’s Guide to Ghostly Mansions.

Four stories tall, it was by far the biggest house he’d seen since he’d started scouting for locations in Boston and the surrounding area.

The uppermost level consisted of a single, square room, circled by floor-to-ceiling windows on all four sides, and set in the dead center of the house.

I bet you can see the entire town from any window you look through. The natural light must be incredible on a sunny day.

Always a bonus for a cinematographer. The ground floor was ringed by a full, covered porch, Corinthian columns supporting the overhang awning every few feet. Stained glass windows filled the second level, the third supporting a half balcony running along the length of the front of the house. The paint, a steely, cold grey, could have been the original as it was faded and peeling in spots. The drab, lifeless color added to the house’s eerie aesthetic. The shutters ran to black and a few hung from their hinges. A huge front yard sported beyond rust-laden wrought iron gates and boasted an overgrowth of dead grass and weeds he’d bet hadn’t seen any action from a lawnmower in some time. Off to one side stood a rose arbor, withered vines and decayed blooms covering it from top to bottom and once again adding to the dead look and feel of the place.

“It’s perfect,” he told the woman standing at his side.

Realtor Genevieve Gordon tossed him a look indicating either, a, he was crazy, or, b, she was afraid he might be pulling her leg and wasting her time.

No one who viewed this place would ever use perfect as a description.

But for what Will wanted, it was.“What are the specs?”She handed him a brochure filled with the home’s dimensions. Will calculated the necessary room he’d need for three stationary cameras, sound equipment, and extra lighting.

Perfect shot through his mind again.

“Can we go inside? I’d like to see how the rooms are situated and get an idea of the space.”

Ms. Gordon made a face his mother would have termed pinched.

“Are you sure you want to? I mean, the spec pages have pictures of the main rooms and all the dimensions. Isn’t that enough?”

He wondered what prompted the concern lacing her tone.

“If you don’t mind, I want to see the setup for myself, the flow from room to room, to ensure it can fit all my equipment and if it’s big enough for what I need to do.”

She sighed. “I’ll have to call the owner for approval.”

He cocked his head. “Don’t all owners want potential tenants to do a walk-through? In my experience, that’s what usually seals the deal.”

“You’re the first person in over two years who’s expressed any interest in the place.”

He could tell the moment she uttered the words, she regretted giving them life. Her mouth slammed to a hard, closed line and she glanced down at her shoes.

Strange response for someone looking to make a commission.

“You mentioned at the office the owner refuses to sign a rental agreement until she meets the potential renter, right?” he asked. “Wants to size them up? Interview them?”

“That’s the major stipulation for her leasing it. This is her ancestral home. It’s been in her family for four generations and she wants to ensure whoever does rent it is going to take care of it.”

“Got it.” He glanced back at the structure, saw in his mind’s eye the opening scene, how he’d film it, the angles he’d shoot from.

“I have every intention of taking care of this place.”

“Just know as another condition for renting,” the realtor said, “Miss Toussaint would require six months’ rent, up front. No refunds if you leave early. No matter what the reason.”

Again, strange wording, but he let it slide. He’d only leave when the project planned was complete and the film was in the can. Nothing else would make him leave, because one thing everyone said about Academy Award-winning documentarian and director Wilton June, he never walked away from anything before he was done with it.

With anticipation to start working twitching about within him, he turned to the petite brunette and said, “I want to see the inside of the house. Go ahead and give her a call. Let’s do this.”

Intrigued? Get your copy here:


Add it to your Goodreads and Bookbub TO READ lists.


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Photo of the day, day 131

Every morning when Hubby showers, Maple lays outside the shower curtain, waiting for him. Last weekend when he was gone for a few days, she was missing him and decided to just lie on his bathroom floor, probably in the hope he would come home faster.

She is truly a daddy’s girl at heart. Me? I just feed her. lol

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Photo of the day, day 130

Maple is set for another couple of weeks.


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A #Monday mea culpa and a request…

So, when I started this journey of being a published author I thought I’d ride the traditional train for the life of my career. Well, we know how sometimes our thoughts don’t match our reality, don’t we, peeps. I’ve been a hybrid ( traditional and indie) for three years now and this weekend the indie part bit me in the keister big time.

I had a new book release all scheduled for 6.7.22 and had uploaded the print version to Amazon for approval. Now, before it can be offered, the amazon Gods-that-be review it. For what, I have no idea. But I received an email on Saturday telling me the book was being BLOCKED and would not be offered for sale and I was told to take it down. I questioned whether this included the ecopy as well and rec’d another email telling me yes, it did.

Panic set in immediately because I’d already put it up on Booksprout for reviews and had been advertising the preorder all over my social media sites. I went and did as instructed, canceling the print book and the preorder. Within seconds I got an email telling me that I was going to incur a penalty from Amazon for canceling a preorder and wouldn’t be allowed to put up any preorders for a year.

When the panic eased a bit I got angry.

Really angry. LIke mama-bear-pissed-you’re-touching-her-cub angry.

I emailed my Amazon representative back and questioned why I was getting a penalty for doing what they said to do. It made absolutely no sense.

Another email later and the representative stated amazon had been wrong to get me to cancel the preorder but if I wanted to re-instate it I had to start all over again and submit a new book, have it go through an approval and they would give me a new ISBN number.


Well, of course I did it.

Here’s the kicker. After I was told I couldn’t put the book for sale in print, Amazon sent me yet another email telling me that the book was now available IN PRINT. Like available top buy in print TODAY! My e-version is also back to preorder status but the books can’t be linked for some weird reason- which is ridiculous.

So after all that, the preorder is live again and you can actually purchase the book now.

This blog post has been a long-winded way of asking EVERYONE who preordered ANGEL KISSES AND HOLIDAY wishes before yesterday’s date, that you will need to preorder it again under the new order number ( ASIN). You will not be sent two books because the old ISBN number is now defunct.

Here are the new links;

Kindle Version Preorder -Goes live 6.7.2022 Kindle

Print version – live now. Print

You’ll probably notice the slight difference in the cover backgrounds when you order, too.

Also, if you downloaded the book on BOOKSPROUTS you will notice the campaign has been removed. I’m trying to get it reinstated, but it doesn’t look promising. If you already have the book and want to do a girl a solid, please review it and post your review when you do to either/or all Goodreads, Bookub or amazon


I’m gonna go quietly have a nervous breakdown now. ~ peg


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Photo of the day, day 129

Which do you think came first? The Jenga game or the Jenga building?? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Photo of the day, day 128

I love Spring.

Spring hates my allergies!

LOL, sniff sniff cough cough

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A Bookish Mother’s day Event from N.N. Light’s Bookheaven; #entertowin #giveaway

I’m so excited to be a part of @NNP_W_Light’s Celebrate Mothers Bookish Event. Check out all books just in time for Mother’s Day and enter the giveaway to win a $25 Amazon gift card:

DEARLY BELOVED, A Match Made in Heaven, book 1 is featured today. The character of Nanny Fee is so near and dear to me, that I wanted her included in the Mom’s Day celebration. Come read why I feel she’s the best example of a mom, evah!!!

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Photo of the day, day 127

Zoom in on that terrace support for Ukraine! love it!

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#authorinterview w/ Peggy Jaeger via #RomanceDevoured, and a chance to win a free ebook!

I’m so stoked to be a featured author over on ROMANCE DEVOURED this week. The author interview they conducted was so much fun to do – and I hope for you all – to read, LOL!

There’s a chance to win a free Ecopy of my newest release THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC so please enter the contest! It ends in 2 days so there’s still a little time.

Come and find out all about my characters for the book and what made this such a different kind of story for me to write.

Here are the links:

read the interview: RomanceDevoured

enter the contest: ENTER To WIn

buy the book ( I had to put this one in, LOL!): THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC

or read it in Kindle Unlimited

And BTW, I’ve been racking up some nice 5 star reviews, too, for the first week which you can read here: Goodreads


Happy reading, Kids, and enjoy the interview. ~ Peg

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Photo of the day, day 126

This close and I can smell the bay on them!

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Photo of the day, day 125


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Photo of the day, day 124

So she found one of her frisbees in the yard when I let her out for a few minutes. She knows they’re not supposed to be brought into the house. This is her way of telling me it’s time to pay some attention to her. For the record, Hubby is the one who plays frisbee with her. I can’t throw the darn things to save my life. Maple? She doesn’t care. She just wants the attention, LOL!


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Want to win a FREE TICKET to ROMANTICON2022? Here’s how…

I’m so tickled that I’ll be appearing at Romanticonn 2022 this year as a singing author! I’ll have all my newest releases for sale and I’d love to meet old and new friends and readers who are attending.

To help garner more readers and give loyal ones a chance at attending FOR FREE I’m joining many of the attending authors and promoting a special giveaway.

If you would like a chance at winning a free ticket to attend from me, you simply have to do one thing to be entered in my contest:

From 5/1-5/31, purchase a copy of either MIX and MATCH or THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC from Amazon ( links are below) and then once you do, email me with a copy of the Amazon receipt. I’ll be compling the emails of everyone who does this and who wants to enter, and at the end of the month a winner will be chosen and that reader will receive a ticket to attend ROMANTICONN2022 from the coordinator.

Sound good?
Here are all the links you need, including my email address.

MIX AND MATCH (on sale right now until 5.8.2022 for just 99cents!)


my email:

Remember: In order to be entered for a chance to win a free ticket to ROMANTICONN from me, you must:

  1. purchase one the listed books from Amazon
  2. email me the receipt of your purchase.

That’s it!
Well, I would hope you’d read and review the book you purchased, too! LOL.

Good luck and I hope i hear from a bunch of you!!!

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Photo of the day, day 123

On the one day we had 60 degrees here, these bloomed. Now since it’s been in the 30s again, no bloom. Le sigh.

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Release day for THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC #PNR #westernromance #psychic #alphahero

It pays to get out of bed somedays, LOL.

THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC, my very first Western romance, released today. Reviews have been wonderful and I’m so glad readers are liking Silvestra and Cal’s love story.

Police Psychic Silvestra Coeltrain comes to Renewal, OK to visit with old friends and to heal. After a year in which she was tested physically, mentally, and psychically, all she wants to do is sleep, fish, and bask in the tranquility of the sleepy town.

Sheriff Caleb Blackbear doesn’t understand the feelings he’s quickly developing for Renewal’s newest visitor. She responds to his kisses with a passion that equals his own. But she’s an enigma, filled with secrets and evasions, and he’s a suspicious man.

When several of the local ranches begin losing cattle to a mysterious illness, it’s Silvestra who claims the animals are being methodically targeted and killed. As Cal’s investigation zeros in on who and what could be slaying the animals, the murder of a prominent rancher’s daughter – and Cal’s former lover – complicates things. With Silvestra’s life now in danger, Cal is determined to keep her safe at any cost.

But can he?

SO, why a western romance when I’m usually either a small-town storyteller or an NYCromance writer?

The easy answer? Why not a western?


Seriously, I wanted to write something out of my wheelhouse and wound up writing two things in one: a paranormal of sorts – a psychic heroine – and a not smalltown or NYC romance. The west seemed…right, somehow!

And based on a few reviews so far, I’ve done good with the storytelling:

“Once again Peggy Jaeger has written a book that will have you wanting to finish to find the answers but on the flip side, you want to savor it as you read and take your time. I love the characters and you find yourself rooting for them from the start. Storyline grabs you as you try to figure out who or what is killing the cattle.”

“This one’s got romance, mystery, tragedy, a murder, and a really hot sheriff. What more could you want. I couldn’t put it down.”

Words to make the writer in me sing with joy!

#happyBookBirthday to me! LOL


Add it to your GOODREADS TBR list

review it on BOOKBUB


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Photo of the day, day 122

Had to take this little cutie for a bone scan the other day. She does love her hats. This one is about 30 years old!

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#99centsale MIX & MATCH, 1 week only, #sweetromance #smalltownromance #friendstolovers starts today!

Have you read this yet?

If you’ve been on the fence about it, now is a good time to download it to your Kindle, because for one week only, starting today, this little smalltown, friends to lovers romance is only 99cents.

Divorced and lonely, nurse Jasmine Green retains the services of Heaven, NH’s very own successful matchmaker, Olivia Joyner. The bar scene and dating apps give Jasmine hives and Liv’s reputation is stellar. If anyone can help guide her through the quagmire that dating has become, Olivia can.

Architect Donovan Boyd is ready to settle down. He wants the kind of marriage his parents have; long lasting, filled with love, children, and joy. But even after a year of living and working in Heaven, he’s still considered an outsider by many. Finding the type of woman he’s looking for is hard in the tight-knit community. Retaining Olivia Joyner to help him find his forever love is one of the smartest things he’s done, especially after she sets him up with Jasmine Green.

But the red-haired, green-eyed beauty wants a different kind of marriage from the one Donovan considers ideal.

Can these two strong-willed people learn to compromise so they can both find their happily ever after? Or will their relationship forever be relegated to the friend zone?

Get your sale ecopy here: MIX & MATCH

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New release by Lucinda Race, BOUQUET, book 6 Crescent Lake Winery series, releases today.

Liza Bradford never dreamed she’d be a widow, raising two boys, and starting a business as an event planner. It wasn’t part of her life plan, but neither was crushing on the handsome Drew Cameron. Between being on the board of her family’s winery and running the kids around for summer activities, she doesn’t have one spare minute to date. Besides, she’s better at planning weddings for other couples than finding her own happily ever after. After all, she thought she had her one chance at true love. 

Drew Cameron is good-looking and rich—and he fell hard for Liza the first time he laid eyes on her. He’s been patiently waiting until she was ready to go on a date, so she almost knocked him over when she asked him out first. He likes a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. But he’s worried about her finances and the fact that he has the means to make her life effortless. As a bonus, her boys fill a void in his life he hadn’t realized being an only child had created.

Is Liza ready to move forward with her life and embrace love, or will Drew’s wanting to take care of her and the boys turn the sweet bouquet of their future to vinegar?


 Liza couldn’t believe what she was seeing as her boys raced around Anna’s house into her sister’s backyard. Even though she had just gotten done telling them she needed help unloading the van.
“George. Johnny!”
She contained the frustration that threatened to bubble up and over and at the same time hoped someone would think to come and help her. If they did, they could make one trip instead of three with the jugs of lemonade and iced tea and, of course, the cake. It was Memorial Day and this family liked every reason to get together. As the family grew, there were more and more celebrations.
It would have been so much easier to have it at her place, but it was Anna’s turn to host and she and her husband Colin wanted to show off their backyard, complete with an inground pool that had been finished just in time for the holiday weekend. She smiled to herself. That also explained why the boys had taken off like a shot from a cannon. It was hot.
She pushed her blond bangs from her forehead and tapped the button to ease open the hatch on her minivan. She grabbed the sweat-covered tea jug and struggled to hold on to it before it slipped and crashed to the ground. The plastic top popped off, drenching her pale-blue capris with the caramel-colored liquid.
“Damn it.” She tried to whisk the tea from her pants in vain.
“Hey, Liza, can I help?”
A deep male voice interrupted her next slew of profanity. Heat flushed her cheeks as she noticed Drew Cameron’s concerned face.
“Hi. Are you here for the party?” She propped one hand on the side of the van in a poor attempt to look casual.
“I am.” He bent over, straightened the gallon-sized plastic jug, and then reached under the van to retrieve the lid. He handed it to her. “I guess no tea today.”
She glanced down and inwardly groaned. What a way to make a good impression on the man she had a tiny crush on for the last year or so. “Except on my clothes and it’s okay; it was just for a couple people who love my sweet tea.”
He handed her a pure-white linen handkerchief from his back pocket. “Here. Use this.”
What guy carried around a fancy handkerchief anymore? Her late husband, Steve, never had anything this fancy. She accepted it since it was better to try and blot the spots than let them stain her new outfit.
“Thanks.” She gave him a smile so as not to appear ungrateful.
“Colin invited me to stop over and see the new landscaping, and he mentioned the family was getting together. Since I happen to know some of the best cooks in the valley would be here, I took him up on the offer.”
She held out the now-stained cloth and quickly withdrew it. “I’ll wash this and get it back to you.”
“No need.” He took it from her. “Give me a sec to toss this in the car and I’ll help you get the rest of the stuff into the house.”
She watched as he jogged to the sleek BMW. His long legs and backside looked pretty good in dark cargo shorts. He also wore an untucked pale-yellow short-sleeve button-down shirt and deck shoes. Classic preppy look. She had to admit Drew was easy to look at with his intense green eyes, dark-brown hair, and the scar just off from the center of his chin. He had well-toned arms that she guessed could hold a woman all night and make her sigh.
She tore her eyes away lest he saw her ogling him. She felt an odd twinge in her stomach as she reminded herself it had been a long time since Steve died and there were things she missed.
“I’ll take the cake if you can handle the jug of lemonade without turning yourself into an Arnold Palmer; you’re good the way you are.” The corners of his mouth quirked up and a deep dimple appeared in his cheek. It just enhanced his smoldering appeal.
“We’ve moved on to beverage jokes now.” She bobbed her head. “Tea and lemonade. That would have been delicious on this hot day.” She fanned herself, but not from the actual temperature in the air. Rather, the way he looked at her made her internal temp spike. What was she thinking? He was her brother-in-law’s best friend. Not someone she was going to date.
“Be careful with the cake; it’s got four layers and it’s heavier than it looks.”
“Not to worry. I can deal with the cake-carrying job as long as you’ve got the jug.”
She gave him a little shove in jest. “If you drop it—” Her voice held a playful warning tone.
“What will happen?” He gave her an easy grin.
“Um, you’ll have to arrange for a new cake.” Jeez, that sounded lame to her ears. What would he think?
“Not to worry, dear Liza. If I drop the cake, it’ll give me a chance to ask you where it came from, and maybe you’ll take pity and help me find a new one?”
She gave him a sharp look. Is he clueless about where to buy a cake or is he flirting with me? With a quick double-check of the lids before she picked up the jugs of lemonade, Drew slid the cake from the back of the van.
“Are we going in the house or out back?”
Before she could answer, the front door opened. Anna hovered in the doorway. “Hey, you two. What’s going on? The party is this way.”
Liza pushed the button on the van and the hatch shut with a soft clunk. She and Drew walked up the wide front porch steps.
“I had a minor mishap. What iced tea isn’t on my clothes is puddled in the driveway.”
Anna took the lemonade and stepped to one side so Drew could walk through the door.
“Would you set the cake on the kitchen counter? It’s too hot out. I don’t want the frosting to melt off.”
Liza looked down at her capris. “I’m going to run home and change. Can you keep an eye on the boys for me?”
“There’s no reason to drive back to your place.” Anna pulled her into the house and closed the screen door. “Go upstairs and dig through my closet. I have something that will match your top. You might as well wear my clothes. I won’t be wearing any of those until next summer.” She rubbed her slight baby bump. “Things are getting a little snug.”
“Thanks, sis. But are you sure?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re the same size; you’re just a little shorter.”
Liza didn’t need to be told twice. Anna had developed a new appreciation for clothes after living in France for over a year and her closet was a dream come true.
Drew watched as Liza zipped up the stairs. It was nice the sisters were so close they shared clothes; he’d never experienced that kind of a relationship as an only child. Inwardly, he groaned. Every time he saw her, he was struck not only by her beauty, with those golden hazel eyes, long blond hair, and the curvy, petite figure, but it was her mind with the quick, snappy retorts that was the most attractive part about her. She didn’t seem to care one iota about who he was or his bank account.
Colin walked out of the kitchen and glanced curiously at Drew as he stood there, staring.
“Hi. I heard you were here.”
“Just. I met up with Liza in the driveway and carried the cake in.”
Colin clapped him on the back. “From what I heard, if you had been one minute earlier, she wouldn’t have dropped the tea.”
Drew gave him a sidelong look. “Timing is everything.”
Buy Links (including Goodreads and BookBub)

About Lucinda Race:

Award-winning and best-selling author Lucinda Race is a lifelong fan of romantic fiction. As a young girl, she spent hours reading romance novels and getting lost in the hope they represent. While her friends dreamed of becoming doctors and engineers, her dreams were to become a writer—a romance novelist.

As life twisted and turned, she found herself writing nonfiction but longed to turn to her true passion. After developing the storyline for The Loudon Series, it was time to start living her dream. Her fingers practically fly over computer keys she weaves stories about strong women and the men who love them.

Lucinda lives with her two little dogs, a miniature long hair dachshund and a shitzu mix rescue, in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts. When she’s not at her day job, she’s immersed in her fictional worlds. And if she’s not writing romance novels, she’s reading everything she can get her hands on.

Social Media Links


Goodreads – Lucinda Race-

Youtube Lucinda Race


Universal Link

Bookbub Lucinda Race

Amazon Author Page

Lucinda’s Heart Racers Reader Group

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Photo of the day, day 121

Just a big-ass cruise ship heading out. Pray for no Covid cases!

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Photo of the day, day 120

Freedom, from the Jersey side.

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Photo of the day, day 119

the oddest sculpture I’ve ever seen.

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DIAMONDS, DUNES, & DEATH – a new Port Sunset Mystery from Lousie Stevens is out today!

I love when I can give you all a treat!

My dear friend, cozy mystery writer Louise Stevens, has a new book out today, and as per tradition, I’m featuring it on my blog for you all to read about!

DIAMONDS, DUNES, & DEATH is the second book in the Port Sunset Mysteries and I love the first one, PENTHOUSE, POOLS, & POISON so much I just knew I’d love this one, too.

I’m Millie Wentworth and I never thought I’d be involved in another murder, but here I am smack dab in the middle of a crime wave at the swanky resort where I’m Assistant General Manager. It started with a major diamond heist and ended with a dead body on the beach.

When one of my grandmother Lulu’s group of fun-loving septuagenarian friends is a prime suspect it’s time for Lulu’s Crew, Spud the corgi, and me, to get sleuthing and uncover the real criminals.

And because dodging mobsters, international jewel thieves, and solving crimes isn’t stressful enough, my hypercritical parents are in town too. My mother doesn’t approve of Lulu and me in the best of times, and these are decidedly not the best of times. Plus she’s already planning my imaginary wedding to my kinda-sorta boyfriend Scott.

All I need to do is catch a murderer plus a jewel thief and survive my parents’ visit. No problem, right?

Everyone spoke in hushed tones, but suddenly Hannah’s distinctive New York accent sounded loud and clear throughout the ballroom. “No, I technically didn’t have an invitation to this event, so what?”

            I sat up straight, and slipped my feet back into the camel-colored pumps I’d worn with my teal blue dress tonight. “Uh oh. I better get over there and mediate before Hannah rips the FBI agent a new one and gets hauled off to jail.”

            Ronald and Jennifer both laughed, but I was serious. None of Lulu’s Crew had very much respect for authority, and they all marched to the beat of their own drummer. My feet throbbed at being confined in the high heels again, but I hobbled as fast as I could over to Hannah’s side.

            Agent Lewis ran his hand through his hair, and it stood up on end. He quickly smoothed it back in place and glared at me. “Yes, Ms. Wentworth?”

            “Hiya, Millie,” Hannah said at the same time with a cheeky grin.

            “You two know each other?” Lewis pointed between us.

            “Hannah is a dear friend of my grandmother, and a retired jeweler. She wanted to see her old friends tonight.”

            “Yeah, what she said.” Hannah jerked her thumb at me.

            “Without an invitation or paying to attend?” Lewis huffed out a breath and shook his head.

            Huh. It had taken a couple of days before Detective Green had gotten this fed up with me on the last case. And why was I thinking of this as another case? After someone had tried to kill me––twice––when I was investigating the murder, I didn’t intend to ever get involved in solving another crime again.

            She waved her hands. “Nah. I just popped in to see everybody, and get a load of the Rose Duchess.”

            “So you admit you crashed the party in order to surveil the Rose Duchess?”

            Hannah took a breath to respond, and I hurried to speak first, before she could dig herself into an even deeper hole. “To see the Rose Duchess. Not to steal it. Mrs. Goldberg is a long-standing, much beloved member of the Port Sunset community.”

            Lewis looked Hannah up and down. “So, if I were to run a check on Mrs. Goldberg here, nothing would come up?”

            Hannah’s cheeks flushed as pink as the Rose Duchess. “Maybe not nothing, but certainly not jewel theft.”        

            I closed my eyes and my head rolled back on my neck. Honestly, why do I even bother to help Lulu’s Crew?

            Even Lewis looked a little surprised at her sheepish pronouncement. He raised his eyebrows. “And just what precisely would I find on you?”

            “Nothing major. Maybe jaywalking.”

            Okay. Jaywalking wasn’t bad. We could work with jaywalking.

            Hannah cleared her throat. “And possibly, drunk and disorderly.”

            Situation getting worse.

            Lewis paused for a beat and then asked, “Is that all? I have the feeling there’s something you’re not telling me, Mrs. Goldberg.”

            She heaved a sigh, glanced at me, and shrugged. “Maybe, just maybe, there was a public nudity charge.”

            “Public nudity?” I shrieked.

            “Lulu and I were playing Truth or Dare with some cute tourists. It was my turn and I chose the dare. I only ran down the beach at the Tipsy Turtle for a couple of minutes, and then dunked right into the water. But people can be so puritanical and someone called the cops. Can you believe it?”

            Agent Lewis covered his mouth with his hand, and I detected a twinkle in his eyes.

            “Yes, well, if that’s all, Agent Lewis, I can see Hannah home now,” I said.

            He inhaled deeply. “I think that’s all for tonight. But, don’t leave town, Mrs. Goldberg.”

            “Where would I go?” Hannah asked with a disinterested shrug.

            “After our conversation tonight, I can’t even begin to imagine where you would go, ma’am,” Lewis said with a bemused shake of his head.

Get your copy here:


Apple Books:

Barnes & Noble:


Louise Stevens is the pen name of contemporary romance author Donna Simonetta. A lover of mysteries since her discovery of Nancy Drew many years ago, she is thrilled to be writing cozy mysteries now. Being the author of the Port Sunset Mysteries series is the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

Don’t miss this great read from one of my one-click authors! You won’t be disappointed!


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Photo of the day, day 118

The birds are back in New Jersey!

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#RWAClasses Writing the Second Acts Romance #seasonedromance

I’m so honored and excited to be teaching another RWA workshop this weekend.

Do you like a good second acts romance to read? Don’t know what that is? It’s a romance with the hero and heroine and supporting characters 35+ in age. Many of you may have heard of the romance genre LATER IN LIFE or Seasoned romance. That’s was a second acts romance is. Romance for people in the second, or even third act, of their lives!

Most of my books these days involve characters 35+ and I’ve had a good deal of success writing about and for this age group.

So, if you’re a writer and want to learn the basics for writing this type of romance, this is the class for you. You can register here ( and you don’t have to be an RWA member!) Writing the seasoned romance

Hope to see ya there ~ Peg


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Photo of the day, day 117

In bloom in New Jersey and making my allergies run rampant!

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New, in #kindlevella #childrensstory ACE & THE CAVE MYSTERY

I usually hawk romance books and romance authors on this blog but today I’m doing something different.

There’s a new author on Kindle Vella that I want to help promote. Her name is Pearl Hunter and she writes middle-grade-aged books. Her debut novel/Vella just dropped today on the platform and is titled ACE & THE CAVE MYSTERY. The four protagonists are 11 years old and the setting is mid-1990s America. Here’s the blurb for some context:

In a simpler time before cell phones and social media, a quartet of friends discover the true meaning of friendship. Althea Candice Edwards, Ace to her friends and family, is an inquisitive 11-year-old obsessed with mysteries. With her two besties, Janine and Moo, and their new friend, heiress Roberta Winslow, they discover a hidden cave filled with stolen items. When the local police don’t believe them, they decide to investigate on their own. Will their strong friendship bond keep them safe?

So, it sounds as if it is a mystery/coming of age/friendship bonds book – which I remember loving when I was ak id!

As with all Vella novels, the first 3 chapters/episodes are free to read. I hope you give this new author a look-see. I thoroughly enjoyed reading an arc of her story. I think if you have middle-grade kids, they’ll like it too.

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Photo of the day, day 116

Finally in print!!

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The Sheriff & the Psychic is a Western Fiction Bookish Choice from N.N. Light’s Bookheaven

I’m thrilled that my upcoming release of THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC is an NN Lights Western Bookish event choice. Silvestra and Cal’s love story was a pleasure to write and now I can share it with all of you through this wonderful event!

Check out all the western-themed books and enter the giveaway to win a $40 Amazon gift card:

Here’s a little about the book which releases on May 2, 2022

Police Psychic Silvestra Coeltrain comes to Renewal, OK to visit with old friends and to heal. After a year in which she was tested physically, mentally, and psychically, all she wants to do is sleep, fish, and bask in the tranquility of the sleepy town.

Sheriff Caleb Blackbear doesn’t understand the feelings he’s quickly developing for Renewal’s newest visitor. She responds to his kisses with a passion that equals his own. But she’s an enigma, filled with secrets and evasions, and he’s a suspicious man.

When several of the local ranches begin losing cattle to a mysterious illness, it’s Silvestra who claims the animals are being methodically targeted and killed. As Cal’s investigation zeros in on who and what could be slaying the animals, the murder of a prominent rancher’s daughter – and Cal’s former lover – complicates things. With Silvestra’s life now in danger, Cal is determined to keep her safe at any cost.

But can he?

I had so much fun writing this book! MY first Western Romance and my first PNR!!! Happy reading and good luck!!


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Photo of the day, day 115

Finally changed those stupid hand towels in the guest bathroom. LOL

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Photo of the day, day 114

Four years ago when my Mother-in-law passed away, my New Hampshire Romance writers group sent me a peace plan. It blooms twice a year. Yesterday, it did.

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Photo of the day, day 113

We’re having pizza for dinner. Did you guess that? hahaha

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Photo of the day, day 112

She was barking for me so I moved from my office to the kitchen to write. And now she’s content, sleeping at my feet. The things we do for our pets’ comfort and peace of mind. LOL


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Photo of the day, day 111

Getting my flabby arms in shape for a wedding next month. My dress shows off my arms.

And I hate my arms!!! Wish me luck. I can see Tylenol on the horizon for me.

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