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Life and love are a balancing act.


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On a cold, snowy Christmas Eve, 38 years ago in the tiny New England town of Dickens….someone left a baby on a doorstep.


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Reading Fanatic Review

Every thing Maureen O’Dowd bakes, she bakes with love…

BAKED WITH LOVE ( A Match Made in Heaven, bk 3)


NN Light’s Book Heaven. 5+ stars!

InD’Tale magazine

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Roxx is Reading review

Finding a dead body in the family deli freezer wasn’t the way Madonna San Valentino wanted to start her day…


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Katie O’Sullivan really like it! Hee hee

Waking up each day is a gift…

WOKE, my Sleeping Beauty Redux




Katie O’Sullivan


Everyone loves ice cream!
VANILLA WITH A TWIST is making people long for a cone with sprinkles!.

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Katie O’Sullivan made my day with this review

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Frenemies2lovers is always going to be a fun trope!
A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK is making news!

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Cocktails and Books

InD’Tale Magazine rated it 5 stars and gave it a Crowned Heart review! Yowza!

Weddings are fun – even the second time around!
TODAY, TOMORROW, ALWAYS is getting some great talk!!

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In life and love, trust is everything.

IT’S A TRUST THING is that rare sequel that people love!

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Long and Short reviews gave it 5 stars!

DIRTY DAMSELS is leaving readers happy…and hot under the collar!! Hee hee

Katie O’Sullivan’s review left me in tears! 7.15.19

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One of my favorite reviews EVAH! from UNCAGED BOOK REVIEWS

Uncaged review posted on line

SO honored that A KISS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS made this list

DEARLY BELOVED is making people wedding happy!

A review I found by happenstance that made my week from Reading Reality

A really nice review from Manic Readers.  

Long and Short Reviews gave it 5 stars!

I Heart reading

Crazy K.A.L.M 

Editor Charlene

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InDTail Magazine gave DB 4 stars!

Katie O’Sullivan likes it!

People like Hope Kildaire! Reviews for HOPE’S DREAM ( DEERBOURNE INN)

Wild Women Review 11.7.18


Reviews for CHRISTMAS AND CANNOLIS – are making me hungry and happy!!!

Katie O’Sullivan likes it! She really, really likes it!!!!


Chick Lit Cafe


InDetail Magazine gave C&C 4 stars~

Sadira Stone made me cry!

Nancy Fraser voted it one of her favorite “pleasure reads” for 2018

Found this review of the audio version on 12.9.19 TCCBooks and More

Reviews are coming in for CAN’T STAND THE HEAT  and I have to say I’ve been crying for days. HAPPY TEARS, so don’t worry!

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Nancy Fraser gave me a shot out on her blog as a book of the week!

Katie O’Sullivan wrote a review that had me crying for hours!! Good crying!!!

Joanne Guidoccio called it my “best book yet!” Can I just say YOWZA!!!

Bookaholic loved it – and she doesn’t usually like romance!!! Yay for that!

Books and Spoons

Russel Pennywright – random Twitter follower!

Reviews are coming in for A SHOT AT LOVE and people like it! They really like it! ( That’s my inner Sally Field screaming, folks!)

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Tena Stetler Review 10.2.17

Katie O’Sullivan Review 10.2.17

Books and Spoons Review 10.2.17

Book Magic Reviews 10.3.17

Katie O’Sullivan’s review for PASSION’S PALETTE just made my decade!

MY very first Long and Short Reviewfor A Kiss Under the Christmas Lights!!! And she liked it, she really liked it!!!! LASR

So, I guess not everybody likes my stories. :>( Here’s one reviewer who didn’t.

Cooking With Kandy:

And here’s another opinion. 

My passion for cooking came thru in the book! What a great reviewer to notice it!

Hey – I’m big in ITALY!! 

Good reads Reviews: Cooking with Kandy

Jayne Changer review: Cooking with Kandy

Amber Daulton review


Amazon Reviews! A Kiss Under The Christmas Lights


A lovely review from a Fellow Rose, Kay Harris

San Francisco review of books  A Kiss under the Christmas Lights

Goodreads Reviews A Kiss Under the Christmas Lights

Netgalley Reviews A Kiss Under the Christmas Lights

Author Katie O’Sullivan’s take on A Kiss Under the Christmas Lights

A nice review for A Kiss Under The Christmas lights from What I’m talking about by Jen Twimom

Here are some of the comments I received in the Predators and Editors Reader’s Poll Contest for SKATER’S WALTZ



A great debut novel

Engaging romance / suspense novel that keeps the readers attention. Good read!

Peggy Jaeger is an incredible author. She writes to today’s woman in a way that you are actually watching the scenes as you read them. Fabulous books that make you fall in love and leave you wanting MORE!

Skater’s Waltz nails the high jumps!!

Love, love, LOVE Peggy Jaeger!!

Fab Book!!!!

Best book ever!!!!!

Enjoyable !

I loved Skater’s Waltz & can’t wait to read more from Peggy Jaeger!

Fantastic story.

Great book!

Reviews for 3 Wishes 

Multiple 5 stars!!


Ooh, this was a good book! 5 Stars! Read  Review

I loved this story from one word 1!  5 stars! Read review

Impossible to put down. 5 stars! Read review


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*****5 Stars******

“Her books are so well written that you feel like you are part of the town, part of the family, part of the couple.”

“Pat and Clarissa are wonderful additions to the MacQuire Women series and I loved their vulnerability.”

“This book was a delight to read. The characters are well developed and very realistic.”



“This story does not disappoint – I highly recommend it”
*******5 Stars*******
A review from The Book Breeze had me in Happy tears! Click on the link and turn to page 13 to read it
                                                         Reviews for SKATER’S WALTZ
                                                                        Debut Novel
                                                              ********5 Stars********
“I’m so glad I set aside an entire evening to read this book.”
“I am usually drawn to historical fiction, but I found this book so well written, that I have already devoured the second novel and am anxiously awaiting the 3rd installment. I actually read this in one sitting as really enjoyed the mystery woven into the story, and couldn’t put it down.”