Visits & Interviews

On May 4, 2021, I visited Nancy Fraser’s blog, talking abt WOKE.

On April 8, 2021, I was featured on Joan Reeves blog, talking about It’s  A Trust thing

On February 23 3 WISHES was featured on NN Lights romance book heaven.


On February 4,2021 James Moushon spotlighted me and BAKED WITH LOVE

On February 3, 2021 I visited author Darlene Fredette and talked about Maple Leaf the dog!

On November 1, 2020 I visited Vanessa Westermann, talking about A PRICE OF BROTHERS: RICK

On October 17, I visited Amber Daulton with Madonna San Valentino

On August 17, Louise Wise interviewed Aurora Brightwell from Woke.

On July 19, WOKE was considered a Beach read by NN LIGHT

On June 11, 2020 I was honored to be a guest on LATalk radio for A WRITER’S BLOCK

On June 11, Today, Torrorow, Always was featured on NN LIghts Wedding extravaganza!

On June 9 DEARLY BELOVED was featured on NNLIghts wedding extravaganza.

On June 8, fellow WRP Brenda Whiteside hosted me on her Muse Monday Blog.

On May 29 Joan Reeves featured me on SLingWords

On May 20 I also visited fellow Romance Gem Caroline Clemmons

On May 20 I allowed a peek thru my window over on DV Stone

On May 19 I visited Tena Stetler

On May 18, I talked about the Good Humor man on Kristal Harris’s blog

On May 15 I visited Jana Richards

On May 15 I visited Jeny Heckman

On May 14th, I took a turn over on WRP sisah Judith Sterling’s blog

On May 13th I visited Sydney Winward.

On May 11, I visited Amber Daulton

On Mother’s day I visited Vicky Burkholder.. 5.10.2020

Talking with Julie Howard about my research for Vanilla with a Twist on 5.8.2020

Talking with Jennifer WIlck about the trouble of writing novellas on 5.6.2020

talking with Sadira Stone on 5.4.2020 abt Vanilla with A twist

A wicked in depth author interview from my publisher, the WIld Rose Press on 4.16.2020

Author Louise Wise interviews me on her blog at IATT on 4.12.2020 

Guest blog post on Romancing the Genres on 3.14.2020

A nice interview on ROmance Hideaways

WRP sistah Mary Morgan hosted me on 1.22.2020

I did an interview with WRP bro Rick Ellrod on 1.19.2020

I visited fellow WRP sistah Rebecca Grace on 1.17.2020 

Love Romance Reads had a great interview with Rick Bannerman on 1.14.20

Kari Lemor gave my book a shout out on her blog on 1.13.20

I have an interview over on SIlver Dagger tours where I start my tour for A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK on 1.13.20

I’m featured on NNLIghts New Year Book fete on 1.13.20

I went cyber camping with author DV Stone on 1.11.20

Visited WRP sistah Jeny Heckman on 1.10.20

Visited WRP sistah Amber Daulton on 1.9.20

Visited with WRP author and friend Jennifer Wilck on 1.8.20

Abby was featured on Judith STerlings blog on 1.7.20

RICK was featured on PRETTYHOT.Com on 1.6.20

WRP sistah Lyndi ALexander hosted me on 1.6.20 

WRP sisath Jean Grant hosted me on 1.3.20

Visiting author Julie Howard today to talk about Rick’s story: 1.31.19

Visiting Kat Van Doren today, talking about Rick’s storu: 12/30/19

I visited fellow writing friend Joanne Guidoccio on 12.16.19 talking abt my amazing life so far.

Fellow WRP sistah Judith Sterling hosted me on 12.10.19

Fellow WRP sistah Katherine Grey spolighted my on 12.9.19

Fellow WRP sistah Sadira Stone hosted me on 12.6.19

Fellow WRP sistah Marie Tuhart hosted me on 12.5.19

Love Romance Reads posted a blog I wrote about being thankful on 12.4.19

Nanny Fee was featured on Brenda Whiteside’s blog on 12.4.19

I visited WRP sistah Kristal Harris and talked about small town life and TTA

CHRISTMAS & CANNOLIS was featured on NNLIGhts Snuggleworthy readathon on 11.29.19

A kiss Under the Christmas Light was featured on NN Lights snugglworthy readathon on 11.16.19

Romance Hideaway featured Christmas and Cannolis on 11/15/19

Christmas and Cannolis won the IDA award for 2019.

On NOvember 11, I was part of Angela Hayes annual THANKFUL AUTHORS

n November 6, HOPE’S DREAM was spotlight on NNLIghtsREADATHON.

On NOvember 1, my lovely writing friend Katie O’Sullivan had me on her blog to discuss IATT

On November 1, It’s a trust thing was featured on NNLights Readathon as a Snugglable book!

On November 1, WRP sistah, Tena Stetler hosted me for an explanation of how I came up with idea for IATT

On October 30 I talked to Jennifer Wilck about being “orphaned.”

October 4, I visited Linda Nightingale who gave me a shout out for It’s a Trust thing.

On September 24, Sharon Buchbinder gave me a shout out for It’s A Trust thing.

On September 5th, FIRST IMPRESSIONS was featured on NN LIghts Bookathon

On August 9, NNLIght featured DIRTY DAMSELS as a BingeworthySummer read!

On July 27, Bookgoodies featured DIRTY DAMSELS

On July 27, NNLights Christmas in July featured A KISS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS 

On July 23, Carissa Weintraub interviewed me for LOVE ROMANCE READS.

On 7.18.19 I visited Rebecca Grace.

On 7.12.I visited Luanna Stewart for a Dirty Damsels shoutout complete w/cleaning hacks!

On 7.11.19 I visited DK Deters for a DIRTY DAMSELS shoutout!

om 7.10.19 Alicia Dean gave DIRTY DAMSELS a shoutout!

on 7.10.19 DIRTY DAMSELS was spotlighted on NN LIghts Bookheaven

On 7.10 19 I visited a bunch of WRP sistahs. Sandra Daily     Mary Morgan and Jennifer Wilck

On 7.9.19 I visited Linda NIghtingale and talked about DIRTY DAMELS.

On 7.5.19 I visited Lisabeth Sarai

Visiting with WRP Barbara Bettis on 7.3.19, about DIRTY DAMSELS

Visiting WRP sistah Sadira Stone on 7.2.19 – release day or DIrty Damsels

3 WISHES was spotlighted on NNHLights audio month celebration on 6.24.19

A KISS UNDER THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS was spotlighted on NNLights audio month celebration on 6.17.19

Visiting Joan Reeves on her Thursday3some blog 6.6.19

Visiting Judith Sterling on 6.6.19

Visiting Jennifer Wilck on 6.5.19 

I’m featured on NN Lights Audiobook blog on 6.3.19

Sadira Stone and I swapped blog posts the morning 6.1.19

Talking about HOPE’S DREAM on Julie HOward’s blog on May 3,19


I was featured as a Monadnock Profile on 4.21.19  Profile page

Fellow WRP sistah PEGGY CHAMBERS highlighted Hope’s Dream on her blog on 3.31.19

I blogged about one of my favorite holidays over on LOVE ROMANCE READS on 3.17.19

Fellow WRP sistah Laura Boon featured me and HOPE’s DREAM on her blog on 2.21.19

I was thrilled to be a guest on NH NPR on Valentines day, 2019 talking about all things romance.

Nancy Fraser hosted me on her blog on 2.1.19 talking abt Dearly Beloved.

I kicked of NN Lights’ Love and Romance Book Festival on 2.1.19

Visited with fellow Deerbourne Inn writer Amber Daulton on 1.24.19

Starting in 2019 I’ll be a monthly blog contributor to GEMS IN THE ATTIC. Nancy Fraser introduced me on 1.17.19

A new year, and I visited fellow WRP sistah Vicki Batman, and talked about one of my favorite pretty possessions on 1.7.19

2018 was a busy year!

A fabulous interview on Rad Reader on 12.21.18

I’m featured at Emily Abbot’s blog as one of her 25 days of Christmas Reads on 12.20.18

My lovely WRP sistah Mary Morgan invited me to her Tavern on 12.19.18

I visited WRP sistah Tena Stetler again on 12.17

Linda NIghtingale and I talked about my favorite character from Christmas and Cannolis on 12.14.18

Darlene Fredette had me back as a guest to her Cafe for a chat on 12.14.18

Journey’s with Jana had my favorite scene from Christmas and Cannolis on 12.11.18

Here’s an in depth interview over at I HEART READING. 11.27.18

I’m talking with WRP sistah Barbara Bettis today, 11.28.18 about Dearly Beloved

Darlene Fredette managed to find out a few things about me that no one knew yet on 11.12.18

On 11.14.18 I was blessed to visit 2 WILD ROSE PRESS sistahs: Linda Nightingale and Angela Hayes

Blog Blitz from Enchanted promotions:

Promo Post @ Ogitchida Kwe’s Book Blog

Promo Post @ Indy Book Fairy

Book Review @ I Heart Reading

Promo Post @ Bookish Madness

Promo Post @ Books, Dreams, life

Promo Post @ Crazy KALM

Promo Post @ Elizabeth McKenna’s Blog

Promo Post @ Majanka’s Blog

Promo Post @ T’s Stuff

Promo Post @ Stormy Night Reviewing

Author Interview @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

Promo Post @ Bedazzled Reading

On 11.12.18, release day for Dearly Beloved, I stopped by Joanne Guidoccio’s blog, talking about New Hampshire. Then I visit NNLIghts BookHeaven for a spotlight piece. I’m featured on fellow WIld Rose Press sistah’s blog Kay Harris, as well.

On 11.9.18 I visited fellow WRP sistah Rachelle Paige Campbell’s blog

I’m visiting Kat Henry Doran’s WILD WOMEN AUTHORS on 11.7.18 in addition to FINDING THE WRITE WORDS. I also got a shoutout from Linda Carroll Brad and Marie Truhart

November 6th found me on Jean Grant’s blog promoting HOPE’S DREAM.

November 5th was a busy day for me, as HOPE’S DREAM released. I’m over on Barbara Edwards‘ blog, Tena’ Stetler’s blog,  and Sadira Stone’s blog

I’m over on Journeys with Jana, talking abt the one of my secondary characters in HOPE’S DREAM 11.2.18

I’m featured in the JUST CONTEMPORARY Newsletter for November 2018

I was interviews over on INTERVIEWS WITH AUTHORS on Sept. 22, 2018

I’m featured on NNLightsBookHeavenBookathon today September 8, 2018

One of my blog posts made quite an impression on a famous author! NNLight’sBook Heaven August 15, 2018

I’m talking about firsts over on LOVEROMANCEREADS on 5.22.18

I was featured on Nicole’s Book Musings on 4.4.18

Affair D’Coure magazine made me a feature in their April 2018 issue

Another WILDROSE SISTAH, Katie O’Sullivan was nice enough to host me on her blog.

I sat down with fellow Wild Rose Sistah Judith Marshall on 4.3.18

I’m over on Author Secrets today visiting with WRP sistah Tena Stetler.

OMG! this is straightlaced legit! I’m over on USA today HEA on 4.3.18

I sat down with my NHRWA sistah Andi Ramos for a chat on 3.30.18

A nice little author spotlight at Chick Lit Cafe.

I’m on Affair d’Couere as a calendar girl on 3/4/18

2017 , here we go!

I’m visiting Peggy Chambers’s blog on 12.3.17

I was featured on Becky Lower’s blog of 11/19/17

I’m visiting Angela Hayes today and talking about being thankful. 11/10/17

I came in 3rd place in the PAGES FROM THE HEART 2016 contest

My writing Buddy Joanne Guidoccio and I talked about cooking on 10.6.17

I was featured in Reader’s Entertainment Magazine on 10.3.17

I’m a calendar girl, too! Just ask Affaire de Coeuer

I was mentioned on Tall Tales from Tuesday on 10.3.17

September 21, 2017 I blogged for CRW

August 28, I’m visiting writing friend Casi McLean’s blog

August 16, Im on Holland Rae’s blog

August 9 I also stopped by Rebecca Grace’s blog for a quick visit

August 9, I visited Katie O’Sullivan, along with Addie O’Malley

August 8, I’m blogging for CRW again

August 7, I visited Jana Richards’ Blog

August 5, 2017 I’m visiting L.A. Kelly’s blog

August 4, 2017 Im visiting Tena Stetler’s blog

August 4, 2017 I’m on Joanne Guidoccio’s blog

August 2, 2017, I’m interviewed on Lori Sizemore’s website.

July 19, 2017 I was featured on The Authors Show Interview

July 12, 2017, I blogged at RWA -again! – on Contemporary Romance

June 21, 2017, I blogged at RWA on Contemporary Romance 

May 10, 2017. I blogged about my after-RT experience on Contemporary Romance.

April 29, 2017 – love a good recipe?? Try this one. Thanks, Kensington/Lyrical!

April 16, 2017 I’m featured in Reader’s Entertainment Magazine today! Talking about – what else?!- Cooking and writing.

March 20, 2017. I’m visiting Jen Twimom’s blog on Granite State Authors.

February 2017

It’s almost Valentines day! On 2/6 I was over on Casi MacClean’s ABA site with a story about names.

On tht same day I was pleased to Join the ABA blog hop for Valentine’s Day.

January 2017

I shared the spotlight with fellow NHRWA author Lisa Olech on 1/17/17 while we were both on Kathy Hill’s blog, talking about pets and  including them in our writing.

I stopped by Annie’s Book Stop on 1/14/17 for a pre-interview, talking about my 1/29 visit.

December 2016

12/7 I’m interviewed by Anna Durand today on her SPunkAndHunks blog.

12/1 I’m visiting Marin McGinnis today and talking about my Christmas Wedding

November 2016

11/30 Tena Stetler featured me on her Author Secrets Blog

11/30 I’m visiting author Cathrine Goldstein today and talking about HAPPINESS.

11/25 I’m visitng L.M. Gonzalez with a little snippet of my upcoming release.

11/21 I’m visiting one of my writing friends, today, author Norah Bennet. Stop by and say hi.

11/17 Today I have the privilege of being on Angela Hayes THANKFUL AUTHORS blog. Here’s the link: Thankful Authors 2016

September 2016

9/14/16 I’m visiting fellow NHRWA member Anna Ross today on her blog.

August 2016

8/16/16 Here’s my first visit in a longlonglong time! LASR for the summer:

APril 2016

Goodness, it’s April!! Today I stopped by Darlene Fredette’s cottage for a little sit down interview. At the end of the month I stopped by Roses of Prose for a hard talk about finding your joy in writing when they bliss escapes.

One of the best parts about being a contemporary romance writer is the community of fierce, talented, and funny authors I call friends! Here’s a sample of my appearances on their blogs over the past few months.

March 2016 and Angela Hayes once again allowed me to tell her a very important story related to me new book. Read about the birth of my daughter, here: Angela Hayes

February brings with it my new release 3 WISHES and I’m hitting the blog tour circuit!


On February 1 I stopped by TWO ENDS OF THE PEN to be interviewed for 3 Wishes and then on to  HARPS ROMANCE REVIEWS to tell them all about my favorite Valentine gift EVAH! On 2/2, I once again had two stops: CHRISTINE YOUNG’S BLOG  and SHARING LINKS AND WISDOM where I talk about chubby girl revenge! On 2/3 I visited ROMANCE NOVEL GIVEAWAYS and shared some delicious facts about CHOCOLATE! Yummy!! Day 5 and I was on Jacquie Biggar’s blog talking about what writing mean to me and my process of getting the book from my head to the laptop to the page. On release day I was over at ELF’s site, THE READING ADDICT talking about…cooking. A day early I was over at The Lampshade Reader and was lucky enough to garner a 5 star review from them! I told a moving story from my nursing years at Teresa Stillwagon’s blog. On 2/10 I jumped over to Nana Prah’s blog for a quick visit, talking about all things chocolate. It was a sweet interview! The final day of the tour had me in two places. OVer on Erin Cawood’s blog, talking about cooking, and on Read Your Reviews, talking about the San Valentino’s.

Best valentine’s day/birthday party ever over on Author Roast and Toast. Food, fun, drinks, and prizes galore.

In preparation for the 2/8/16 release of  3 WISHES,  I also visited some of my fellow Candy Hearts authors, so on 2/7/16 I stopped by Heidi Kneale’s blog and talked about writing and Chloe San Valentino

February 8 was a whirlwind! I was everywhere! ICYMI, here are the sites I visited: Brenda Whiteside, Tena Stetler’s Blog, WildWomen, Casi McCleans AuthorBareAll, then on to MISTY SIMON’s blog. I traveled all the way to Australia to talk to Monique DeVere, too. I spent some time with my Wild Rose Sistah Angela Hayes, too! And another sistah, Ally Hayes asked me some very probing questions.

On 2/9 I stopped by my fellow Candy Hearts author Judy Davis’ blog, talking about this and that.  The final day of the tour had me visiting Delilah Devlin, talking about big families ( my childhood wish) , and on fellow Candy hearts romane author Nancy Fraser’s blog, where she gave me a great review!

the End of 2015!

Good Golly, it’s December already! While I’m wrapping presents, I’m still visiting folks. On 12/3, I stopped by Authors bare All to alk about Moments in Life with Casi McLean. On Dec. 5 I stopped by Louise Lyndon’s blog to talk about what I’ve learned of life so far. It’s not what most people may think. With Christmas coming and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I talked about the San Valentino family Christmas at The Contemporary romance Cafe on 12/12. FunFUnFUn. On December 23, a few short days until Christmas,  I visited the Long and Short Reviews Winter blog fest with a piece about the Cleary Family and how they celebrate the day.


If it’s November, its…..

First and foremost, NaNoWriMo time! I’m working hard on my newest…details much later. On 11/2,  I was thankful and proud to be featured on Angela Hayes blog Thankful Author. She’s collected a slew of writers who are thankful. Click around and see why. On the 3rd day on this month, I continued my Goddess Fish Tour and visited with Booklover sue for a sit down interview. It was a goodie! Another great Q&A came from fellow writer Jacquie Biggar on 11/10. I told her about my first date with my husband and it was the best date ever! Christmas is coming quick and Wild Rose Press sistah Catherine Goldstein is having a fun countdown to Christmas, Come read how the MacQuire Women celebrate the joyous holiday. On 11/11/15 I was proud to be one of 5 New Hampshire author to speak at the Toadstool bookstore in Keene for New Hampshire Writer’s Week.

nhwwmap NHWW2015-

The turnout from the community was great and I sold a lot of books! Yippie.

As part of the Goddess Fish Tur, I visited the Reading Addict on the 17th to talk about something other than writing! For the final stop on my Goddess Fish Book tour, I stopped by Lisa Haselton’s blog for a chat. It certainly was a busy month!

Goodness gracious – it’s October 2015.

Day 1 started off with a great interview with Pat Cleary of First Impression over on the Wild Women blog. He revealed some secrets about himself I didn’t even know! And my first Virtual Book Tour began on 10/7 with me interview over at Reading Romances. It was fun to do – great questions! Then on to Linda Carroll-Bradd’s website for a sit down with Pat Cleary from First Impressions. He handled himself pretty well -again – if I do say so. The same day I was featured on Kate Hill’s Halloween Dinner Party.  October 13 I had 2 Goddess fish interviews. The first on Rogue’s Angels, answering some very detailed questions, then on to It’s Raining Books  for a discussion of 5 things no one knows about me – but they do now! A big highlight came when I was interviewed for the Keene Sentinel’s magazine ELF. I spent over 2 hours with the lovely reporter/writer at a coffee shop and I swear I got a contact high from all the caffeine in the atmosphere! My next Goddess Fish tour guide was Romance Novel Giveaways where I discussed pet adoption and why it was such an important factor in First Impressions. Then a quick Blurb Blitz visit to author Louise Lyndon’s website. Week 4 on my Goddess Fish tour had me at Books Chatter, with a great, in-depth interview – one of my favs so far.

October was full of visits to far off and interesting places like New Jersey and Boston, too! I attended my very first NJRW conference from 10/15-17, took a great class with the wonderful Margie Lawson on how to add write visceral reponses for your characters. On Oct. 24 I attended the Boston Book Festival and stood with some of my New Hampshire Writers project members in an attempt to sell some of our written work.

Can’t believe it’s already SEPTEMBER 2015

This is a full month for me with my next release FIRST IMPRESSIONS due out on 9/23. But first, I stopped by to talk to Rebecca Grace about the new book. Then on to a great, intuitive interview with Sharon Buchbinder.  My doppleganger, Linda O’Connor turned the tables on me in an interview and asked me the questions I asked her last month. For some reason I don’t remember them being so hard to answer!!  One of the highlights of my month was my very first Author Radio interview with WKBK’s Dan Mitchell. If you’ve got about 15 minutes, listen in. I always knew I had a distinctive voice, but I never knew it could cut glass! Then on to Delilah Devlin’s Blog where I tell you why my book is called FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Come on…you know you want to know. TO end such a full and exciting month  I had a guest spot on the lovely Roses of Prose website again talking about all the things I’ve learned as a writer since my first book came out in March. October is lining up to be a full month as well with my very first Goddess Fish tour starting on 10/6. Tune in….I’ll be blogging about for sure.


August 2015 It started out to be a rainy month then went on to one of the hottest in record. I wasn’t sitting at home twiddling my thumbs, though. I “visited” quite a few fellow authors this month.

On august 5 I had a cup of coffee and some wisdom sharing at Coffee Time Romance; on the 17th I made my way over to the Contemporary Romance Writers blog and chatted about literary rejection – a subject I am an expert at! Om the 21st, I shared a very interesting occurrence in my life over on Brenda Whiteside‘s Fearless Friday blog about my attempt at ballroom competitive dancing. On Thursday, August  27 I stopped by Angela Hayes to talk about my newest release, my current book sale, and what I like to do when I’m not writing -which isn’t often.

July 2015:

I’m visiting blog sites that are new to me this month,but I simply love them. On July 20, I was featured on The WIld Wild Women blog, an interview with Moira Cleary from There’s No Place like Home and myself. On july 25, while I was at RWA15, I blogged about author branding with Contemporary Romance Cafe.

JUNE 2015:

This month, I’ve been lucky to visit some of my favorite ladies in the blogosphere and talk about about some of my favorite topics. I guest posted on Jodi Hale’s site about why I write romantic fiction, made a promise to all my readers on Angela Hayes’ site, and was featured on Coffee Time Romance about taking all kinds of risks.

I also had a great visit with Karen Blake-Hall where we discussed another love of mine — decoupaging! And I tell you why I’m LIVING THE DREAM over on Delilah Devlin’s blog


MAY 2015:

May was a huge month! It’s been great fun to discuss how I get ideas for new stories on Emma Leigh Reed’s blog, guest post on my NHRWA sistah Clair Brett’s site on what makes a great romance story, and to be featured on The Roses of Prose about using my surroundings as a setting. I also had a blast sitting down with Susan Ann Wall and Lilly Gayle to discuss things ranging from my writing process to what song I’d pick in a lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon!

I’m grateful to two ladies for featuring my books this month: SKATER’S WALTZ appeared on Calisa Rhose’s Uncover Monday, and Jana Richards featured an excerpt from THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME.


APRIL 2015:

I’m grateful to Marlow Kelly this month for hosting me on her site about some very special books that brought me and my husband close together when we were first married — and later inspired THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!


MARCH 2015:

This March was one of the biggest months of my life, because it brought the release of SKATER’S WALTZ, my first published contemporary romance novel! I’m so grateful to Tricia Schneider for featuring the book on her site. I had a great time chatting with Brenna Zinn and Rebecca Grace about how my personal history with figure skating inspired the book, and Susan Ann Wall was a blast to sit down with and discuss my girl crushes and my biggest pet peeve!

Lastly, it was wonderful to chat with Delilah Devlin about the experience of releasing my first book and what I learned to help with my second, third, and fiftieth releases in the future.



February was a crazy busy month as I prepared for the release of SKATER’S WALTZ. Many thanks to Angela Hayes for a great intro to her blog community, and to Abigail Owens for chatting about my writing process and the personal inspiration for the story!

Many of you also know that I had a long professional life as a nurse and medical technician before setting out as a

full-time author. I had a great time with Joanne Guidoccio discussing the long journey to my second act.



The months leading up to the 2014 holidays brought two great events: NaNoWriMo and New Hampshire Writers’ Week. I chatted with the New Hampshire Book Center on why setting achievable deadlines helps me write, and with my dear friend Susan Ann Wall on a phone call that changed my life forever. And thanks to Brenda Moguez for my very first feature interview!


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