Ideas, Inspiration and Flashes of Brilliance!

Yesterday, I had a road trip to NYC from home, and then back last night. 400+ miles in less than 12 hours. I forgot to bring a book with me to pass the time, so I was forced to just stare off at the speeding cars around me and ponder. Great word, ponder. It means: to think about or consider.  Well, I was thinking about the fact that I had to clean my house from top to bottom on my weekend off, and I’d already lost a full day because of the trip. With an inward groan – because I don’t like having to clean my house – I asked my fairy godmother  to consider sending me a cleaning lady. Now, I knew one wasn’t going to magically appear and have my house all nice and tidy by the time I arrived home. I may be imaginative, but I’m not crazy! What did appear, though, was a full born story, in living color, complete with character names and conflicts.


For the rest of the drive, while the torrential rain poured down and the speed maniac NYC/Connecticut drivers flew by, I plotted out the story. And here’s the kicker: from out of the pages and plot line of that story, fell a sequel. Double Wowza!

I’ve mentioned before that my story lines usually start with a character. This was the first one EVER  that sprang up fully formed, and had the characters already tailored for it. I ‘m being truthful when I say I did not have to do one iota of character development in my head. I could actually see the characters standing in the front of my mind, heard their voices, and knew  what they were going to say, to whom, and how they were going to say it.

Is there such a thing as triple wowza??!!

Maybe when I go back to NYC in two weeks I’ll forget to bring a book again. Who knows? Quadruple wowza, maybe??


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