In my professional life – the one that pays me a salary – I have to attend several educational conferences every year in order to keep my licensing credentials up to date. These conferences are usually long winded, many times boring, and often soul draining because of the tedium involved with the materials. This weekend, I get to attend a conference I am eagerly looking forward to with joy and anticipation. The NECRWA Let your Imagination Take Flight Conference in Boston. The featured speakers list is a who’s who of amazing romance writers, editors and agents,  including Judith Arnold,  Bella Andre and Angela James. I can’t wait to hear all their pearls of wisdom.

Let’s face it: conferences can be expensive and time consuming. Most are usually never near where you live, so there’s always travel time and gas money involved, or in some cases, plane fare. With the travel goes the obligatory hotel stay. I usually stay in the hotel where the conference is being held just because I’m lazy and don’t want to shuffle from one hotel to the other. Then you’ve got to include the cost of meals if the conference doesn’t provide them. Even with all that, I am still an eager and willing conference attendee because I always learn something and the chance to interact and network with others who love writing as much as I do is very rewarding. I’ve always thought that if I learn one new thing and make at least one new writing friend at a conference, then the expense was more than worth it. I’ve never been let down with this thinking.

So I’m off to the conference today and will be live tweeting @peggy_jaeger and blogging here about all the fabulousness and info that I’ll be collecting.

Next weekend it’s off to Nashua for the Deb Dixon Book In  A Day conference – another great experience in writing. Deb Dixon is a writer/speaker who wrote the quintessential instruction book Goal Motivation  and Conflict, a must have for any writer. More about that conference at a later date.



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