What’s in a hero? And I don’t mean a sandwich…

Yesterday, I took an hour to read over one of my favorite go-to books about writing and re-read the chapter on writing The Hero. For those of us who write romance, getting the hero right is as important as getting the heroine down pat. No one wants a wishy-washy hero who’s unable to make decisions in a pinch, or one who is so messed up emotionally that even our wonderful heroine can’t help him through his troubles. No. We all want a hero who embodies the alpha male personality. But what makes a hero, well, a hero? And what are they typical alpha male attributes that you want your hero to have?After researching this topic a few times, and knowing what I like in a man, I’ve  jotted down my favorite parts of the hero ( in addition to the washboard abs, toned biceps and great hair!)

The Alpha male (hero):

1. Doesn’t give up. Ever. Whether it’s taking control of a bad situation, or pursuing the heroine.

2. Is courageous. He will do what needs to be done, even it is dangerous.

3. Is a leader, a natural born one. Enough said.

4. Isn’t conceited or a braggart – about his looks, his job, or his lifestyle.

5. Lives by rules and a moral code. If he needs to break them, it’s for a damned good reason.

6. Isn’t emotionally needy.

7. Is ultimately a one woman man. When he finds that one woman, nothing will stand in his way to get her. And having said that, he fights for what is his.

8. Is confident in who and what he is.

9. Is smart – book and common sense-wise

10. Is dependable. If he says he will do something, or be somewhere, come hell or high water, he will.

I could add a bunch more attributes like funny, sexy,hunky, good looking, and  charming, but those are givens!

I’ll admit it: I like a strong man- emotionally and physically. I like a guy who takes charge, but isn’t condescending or boastful; who knows what  he wants and goes after it – without leaving a trail of bodies behind him! I like a man who can make hard decisions for the right reasons, but also knows when he needs to makes changes.

And of course,  I like a man with washboard abs, toned biceps, and great hair.

I’d love to know what some of your alpha male/hero attributes are.



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