By know you all know I love to write. I actually live to write and you can guess that by the tagline of this blog: Writing is my oxygen... But writing isn’t the only thing that gives me  undiluted pleasure. I also love to paint and cook. In fact, my entry into this year’s Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest, Cooking with Kandy,  is about a chef-lebrity. Many of the recipes my heroine references in the book are actually my tried and true recipes.  My pitch to an agent recently about this book was : “Cooking and Romance. Who doesn’t crave good food and everlasting love?”

I also paint. For several  years I did it as  sideline to make money. I did craft painting and sold my wares at local craft shows and fundraiser events. I painted anything that was stationery including stationary! Boxes for gifts, note cards, oil and vinegar bottles, even wooden boxes to put wine bottles in for gifts. I also did canvas work and sold a good many of those as well. I did pretty well at it, monetarily, even though it was just a hobby. One of the characters in another of my romance novels was an artist and a sculptor.

I’m a very sensual person. And by that I don’t mean I’m sitting around in my Vickie’s Secrets lingerie eating bonbons and watching lady porn. It means I like using my five senses as much as possible. Tasting and smelling and seeing the food I’ve cooked brings me pleasure. The Sitting back and gazing at a painting I’m in the middle of, seeps joys into my system. I like listening to music – all kinds – and the feel of fresh dough as I roll it between my fingers to make pasta or bread, is mind blowing.

This got me to thinking about today’s blog entry, hobbies. Have you ever crafted a character and given him/her your hobbies? Do you even gift your characters with hobbies, things they do aside from their normal everyday jobs?  I can’t imagine a world with me in it where I just exist. I need to do other things. Things that fascinate me; things that infuse me with euphoria: things that teach me, challenge me, defy me as a person.

A well rounded character, just like a well rounded human being, needs to do more than just exist.

So, what hobbies do you and your characters have?


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