There is nothing wrong with me…honest!

I was sitting in a restaurant recently when a  good looking couple came in. Really good looking. Like, cover of a book good looking. I started to describe them in my head as if I was describing them on the page in one of my stories. I came up with a full range of detailed mental description as I sat there, staring off into space. Finally, after what was probably a few minutes, my husband asked if anything was wrong. I asked why and he replied “you were gone away for a while.”

Does this ever happen to you? You’re talking with someone, or people watching – my second favorite pastime – and in the next instant you’re off, engrossed in your WIP, ignoring anything and everything around you?

Happens to me all the time.

I plotted my third book while I was sitting in church, supposedly listening to the Homily. In all fairness, it was a really boring Homily.

I ran plot lines in my head while recently at a conference for the visually impaired. Thank goodness that one had handouts, or I wouldn’t have known what was said!

I was watching the news yesterday and a dialogue point I’d been trying to solve burst into my head, full blown and perfect.

I tend to pop out mentally at parties, during car rides, sometimes even on the phone.

A few weeks ago I was standing in line at the bank and the teller had to call me three times before I responded. She probably thought I was having some kind of silent seizure.

In medieval days it’s safe to say I would have been burned at the stake as a witch.

Decades ago, I might have been diagnosed with untreated psychosis or schizoaffective disorder.

Today the shrinks would say I have ADHD as an adult and want to medicate me.


I’m just a writer, and thinking – a lot – is what I do.

So if you see me and you think I’m loosing it, staring off into space, maybe my lips are moving, don’t be concerned. I’m probably running dialogue in my head and I’m saying  it aloud so I can make sure it sounds legit.

Don’t be concerned. I’m okay. Honest……


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