NANOWRIMO is here!

It’s a little hard to pronounce correctly; when you say it you sound like Mork trying to tell Mindy something that just sounds dirty;  but if you complete it, you’re changed forever.

Yup! NANOWRIMO has officially started as of midnight. The yearly NATIONAL NOVEL Writing Month Challenge is on!
For the next 30 days I vow to not only write daily, but to get my WIP done! At about 1600 words per day I will make the 50,000 word challenge by the 30th of November, but I’m actually challenging MYSELF to 2500 words per day. In lay terms ( for the non-writers) that’s about 10 typed pages a day. And for those of us who do write, that’s a lot!!!

This is a wonderful way of staying motivated, planning, and just free-writing. Visit the site link above to find out all about it. And challenge yourself. For any writer, staying motivated when life intervenes, plot holes prevail, and the muse takes the day off, is hard. FORCING, nay, CHALLENGING yourself to sit at that keyboard EVERYDAY and pound out the text – it doesn’t have to be perfect yet, it just has to get on the page  –  is a good thing.

I did it last year and The Wild Rose Press just contracted that book for publication. Hey!!

What have you got to lose? Take the challenge.



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