What season do you favor?

I recently visited the Roses of Prose blog-site (http://bit.ly/1Rq2ph8) and talked about how Fall has been a big factor in my romance novels. It’s the season I love the most because of the beautiful changing patchworks of colors, the cool crispness in the air, and the notion the world is slowing down, getting ready to rest and hibernate for the winter months ( much like I do!)  I love the symbolism of falling in love in the Fall. It just feels good to me. This got me  thinking: what do the other seasons represent to writers?

Would the Legend of Sleepy Hollow been as good a read if it had taken place in the summer? I don’t think so. The symbolism of the darkening and shortening days, and the cold, harsh descriptions of the dying foliage add to the utter creepiness of the story of the Headless Horseman. It wouldn’t have the same effect on the reader if took place during an 85 degree day at the beach.

Does the children’s book How the Grinch Stole July 4th make any sense? No, it’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which takes place in the winter with it’s cold, frigid air – much the same as the Grinch’s tiny heart, and the joyous spirit of the season helping him to find his love and kindness again. It wouldn’t feel the same if the Whos were giving out firecrackers instead of Christmas gifts. That’s just wrong.

Think of other stories where a specific season was highlighted. Would the story have been as good or rewarding if the season had been switched? And in your own writing. Do you favor a season more than others? If so, why. What does that time of the year bring to your story that enhances it?

I’d really be interested in hearing responses to these questions,so please, feel free to comment and pass the link on to other you think might be interested.




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4 responses to “What season do you favor?

  1. Hi Peggy, Interesting post! I just realized that my novels are all based in the fall months – October/November. While they could have occurred at any time, I inadvertently chose my favorite season. Joanne 🙂


    • Peggy Jaeger

      Joanne – isn’t it funny how our brains and subconscious work?? My books are routinely set in fall but I never realized it until I went back over some older stuff one day. New England falls seem perfect to fall in love during!


  2. Sandra Dailey

    I live in Florida and love the heat. Most of my books take place around May. This may seem strange to many, but I’m so uncomfortable in cold weather I don’t usually read books set in snowy places. I can handle fall, but snowy winter is not for me.


    • Peggy Jaeger

      Sandra – believe it or not, even tho I live in New England – I HATE SNOW and COLD!!! If I could wish for perfect weather for me for every day, it would be temperate – 65-75 degrees and sunny. The cold bothers my arthritis, the heat makes my hot flashes worse!! Can’t win.


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