So, who was your first FICTIONAL crush?

With the advent of boy bands, teen heart throbs, and movie bigger than life superheros, do any young girls-commonly called TWEENS- read nowadays? Other than the Twilight series, I mean? I remember vividly, long summer days spent on my bed or on a blanket at the beach, reading book after book. Summer was my favorite time as a tween because it meant no reading list from school. I could read what I wanted, when I wanted. I binged read Nancy Drew Mysteries like people binge watch on-demand television shows these days.

My first ever fictional school girl crush was Brian Beldon from the Trixie Beldon books. Trixie, a pre teen  like me, had two brothers, the oldest of who was Brian. Jet black hair and a winning grin, Brian wanted to be a **sigh** doctor. He was frequently the voice of almost-grown-up reason when Trixie got caught in her hair-brained snooping mysteries and I just thought he was “it” for me. I had no real-life boyfriends until I graduated from college, ( I know: late bloomer!) so I had to live vicariously through my fictional one.

And of course, this got me to thinking: Who are some of the most popular and beloved boyfriends in fiction. This could potentially be a hot button issue because true fans are devoted to the boys they feel are the absolute best, so here goes. In no best-to-least-best order

All these  boyfriends are good guys, do-gooders, love their girls, and treat them well. They love their girls so much they put up with mood shifts, dangerous jobs, evil warlocks and vampires, societal restrictions, financial setbacks, and even terminal cancer.

But through all the foibles and follies of dating, the end result is they simply love, support, and respect their girls.

What more could you ask for from a boyfriend?

So. Who was your first fictional crush?




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6 responses to “So, who was your first FICTIONAL crush?

  1. I don’t know that I had any. In my ‘Tweens I was writing more than I was reading, but I was most definitely reading. Things are so different these days. We didn’t have a television in our house until I was 10 years old, and I was already a good reader by then and would rather have been doing that. My ‘tween would rather be watching television or videos on the computer, which makes me kind of sad. However, she spends two days a week with me at work, and I make her READ (oh, the horror!). She is reading a YA zombie book right now, but I don’t remember the name of it.

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  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Susabelle – good for you that you were writing in your tweens!! I wish more girls would these days. And I understand Zombie YA is very popular right now….so at least she is reading!! That’s a huge plus.


  3. This will really date me, but my first fiction boyfriend was Alec in the Black Stallion. All I wanted to do was read about horses back then!


    • Peggy Jaeger

      Hebby – I don’t think that dates you at all…and really, doesn’t every girl have a thing for horses at one point in their lives? If I remember correctly, Alec was very alpha-ish. Good choice for a fictional BF!


  4. Oh, yes, Brian. I always liked Mart–the smart aleck in him, I think. But my first true fiction crush was Laurie in Little Women. I’ve never quite accepted him and Amy as a couple. This was a fun post!


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