New Year’s Coming Soon…


You will be seeing the above banner every Monday and Wednesday on my blog beginning in January and going ’til February. I will be  highlighting each of the 40 CANDY HEARTS SERIES books that the Wild Rose Press is issuing, including their purchase links, author bios, book covers, blurbs and excerpts.

This is a huge undertaking not only for WRP but me  as well, since there are so many books and variety of authors. I will have a range of Sweet romance authors all the way up to hot and spicy. All excerpts, tho, will be no hotter than PG-13.

My addition doesn’t release until 2/8/16, but that’s close to Valentine’s day for me, and the book is all about the V-day love. Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to whet your reading appetites:

3 Wishesperf5.000x8.000.indd


Valentine’s Day is chocolatier Chloe San Valentino’s favorite day of the year. Not only is it the busiest day in her candy shop, Caramelle de Chloe, but it’s also her birthday. Chloe’s got a birthday wish list for the perfect man she pulls out every year: he’d fall in love with her in a heartbeat, he’d be someone who cares about people, and he’d have one blue eye and one green eye, just like her. So far, Chloe’s fantasy man hasn’t materialized, despite the matchmaking efforts of her big, close-knit Italian family. But this year for her big 3-0 birthday, she just might get her three wishes.


At about five minutes of ten I was almost ready to turn the Closed sign on the door when it opened. I heard Janie’s breath hitch and turned from where I was sweeping up. Staying open late is always a risk, with the thought thieves will invade at the end of the day.

If the guy standing at the door glancing around the shop was a thief, then Dio mio, I wanted to be robbed.

About six foot, his hair was the color of a deer’s pelt, with autumnal golds and browns shot together in a glorious patchwork that grazed the collar of his jacket and curled a little at the ends. He wore a faded brown bomber jacket over a shirt I couldn’t see, but he had shoulders almost as wide as my doorway. A pair of well-worn jeans covered his mile long legs, and the fabric on the stress points at his knees was practically white.

“We’re about to close,” I heard myself say. “Can I help you?”

It was at that moment he looked over at me.

His face could have been sculpted by Da Vinci or Michelangelo. A broad, smooth, forehead housed naturally arched eyebrows I knew some of my gay guy friends would have paid a fortune to have on their own faces. His cheeks were carved from marble, high, smooth and deep. And his mouth, mother-of-God, his mouth. Full, thick beautiful lips sat perfectly over a chin with a dent you could shove a button into and have it stay put.

“Sorry,” he said, those fabulous lips pulling up a little shyly at the corners. “I got stuck at work and couldn’t get here until now. I’ll be quick. Promise.”

So here’s the thing: the guy was gorgeous. But even if he’d looked like a frog with raw antipasto smothering his face, I would have dropped to my knees when he opened his mouth. Warm honey, a shot of raw whiskey, and a little hot puff of smoke wafted from his mouth like a fine and rare brandy being decanted.

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4 responses to “New Year’s Coming Soon…

  1. Tanya Hanson

    Congratulations, Peggy! 3 Wishes sounds perfectly scrumptious! Hugs…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peggy Jaeger

    Thanks Tanya – all the books look delicious!!


  3. Love it! Congrats on your release!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Peggy Jaeger

    Maureen – to you as well!


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