Meta- what??!!

So at a recent NHRWA chapter meeting, this really cute guy named Mike came and talked to the group about Social Media and Internet marketing. Did I mention he was cute? He was also a treasure trove of technical info that, for a total tech-NO savvy writer such as me – opened my eyes to how valuable social media and the internet can be to someone in my profession.

The very first and most important thing we need as writers in today’s cut-throat market is a website that has key words and phrases congruent with “searches” that will bring people to our site. One piece of key info I didn’t know was that Google is responsible for 67% of all searches on the internet. That’s 2/3 of all – ALL – searches being conducted. As a romance writer I need to know which words or phrases are the most beneficial to get my site, my books, my name, the first thing to pop-up on a search.

This is invaluable information, folks, for any writer who wants to sell a book.

Another point he made was telling our group the power of Google Analytics. You can glean so much knowledge about your readers and your website visitors from this, and also who will be more likely to buy your type of book than another.

Informational gold, people. Gold!

I will admit this freely – I am a facebook junkie. Mike ( did I mention he was cute?) is a big proponent of using FB as a marketing tool. This, at least, I had some idea about! You can reach so many people  through FB, it’s crazy. But crazy-good. One of the points I learned about FB that I had no clue of before this little lecture? You should always LIKE and SHARE your own posts. Right away, and then several hours later. So for instance, suppose I post this blog at 7 am. I should like and share it then and again at noon because the FB news line will roll with it, thereby getting people to see that “Oh, PJ liked this, let me take a look!.” That person may not have been awake at 7 am when I did the original post, so I missed out on a potential “looker” at that time.

Again, gold, people. Informational gold.

There were a whole bunch of other goodies Mike gave us, too many for me to list in a quick blog. But he has published books of his own on this stuff, so you click here and see what he’s published:  Mike Dolpies. p.s. Did I mention he was cute?

Stuff like this is the reason I never miss an NHRWA meeting.

Now, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t hawk my own stuff?
Here’s the newest release:




The last thing Carly Lennox is looking for as she sets out on her new book tour is love. The independent, widowed author is content with a life spent writing and in raising her daughter. When newscaster Mike Woodard suggests they work on a television magazine show based on her book, Carly’s thrilled, but guarded. His obvious desire to turn their relationship into something other than just a working one is more than she bargained for.

Mike Woodard is an ambitious man-and not only in his chosen profession. He wants Carly, maybe more than he’s ever wanted anything or anyone else, and as he tells her, he’s a patient guy. But the more they’re together, Mike realizes it isn’t simply desire beating within him. No. Carly is the missing piece in his life. Getting her to accept it-and him- may just be the toughest assignment he’s ever taken on.


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