I am a list-o-holic and there is no support group for me!

I love lists. I love to make them, find them, re-work them, and add to them. Part of the reason I make so many lists is because I have so many things to remember, if I don’t list them I’ll forget more than half of them. That’s not a factor of my age or menopause, either. I’ve always been that way..forgetful, that is.

I make laundry lists, grocery lists, lists for what I need to pack for a trip, to-d0 lists, character trait lists. You name it, I’ve got a list for it.

A few years back Real Simple magazine published a piece on 9 lists you can never recall just right: like the names of the 7 dwarfs, the 7 deadly sins, the names of the 8 planets, the 5 oceans of the Earth, etc. It was a great list and I have a copy of it on my desk. Why, you ask? Well,because I love lists! It’s that simple. And the list is a great reference tool, plus a fun game to play with people who think they know everything and so often don’t. Yeah, I know that’s a little mean but….I don’t care!

I once wrote a character who was so obsessed with lists she had panic attacks when she couldn’t find them ( this was before I wrote romance.) A few of my so-call friends at that time said she was an autobiographical character. Notice I said, “at the time.”

Anyway, are you a list person? If so, what list can’t you live without? Or are you that person that I envy  the kind that can go tot he grocery store without a list and get everything you need without forgetting anything? If so, just know we will never be friends….

How good a memory so you have? Let’s see: Name the following and I’ll let you know if you got it right – and please don’t cheat by looking it up!!

What are the 7 deadly sins?

What are Santa’s 8 reindeer named?

What are the names of the 7 continents of the world today?






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