#RWA17, Fan girling….it’s a thing

At 57 years old, you’d think I’d be beyond hyperventilating when I see a “celebrity.” Yeah…not so much.

My very first RWA in 2014 I actually burst into tears when I met and spoke with Nora Roberts. Not one of my finest, adult moments, but there was truly so much emotion stored up in me concerning her that when I actually got the chance to speak to her, I lost it. Like a two year old. She was gracious, lovely, and held my hand. I don’t think I washed it for 2 whole days!!!, but that might not be true because I blacked out after meeting her! and have no memory of the rest of the day!!

You can just make out the tears still wet on my cheeks in this picture her lovely assistant, Laura, took.


Fan girling. Yeah, it’s a thing.  A real thing. Even though I’ve been to 4 RWA conferences and 1 RT, I still get a little queasy butterfly feeling in my tummy when I see my writing idols casually walking around a hotel as if they were, well, normal people, not romance icons. Here are just a few of my absolute meet-favorites from this year. And I’ll tell you honestly, I really struggled not to cry when I met each of them.

First, one of my newest favs, Lauren Layne.


If you haven’t read any of her Wedding Belles series, or any of the Stiletto books, get yourself over to Amazon and get a bunch. You will not be disappointed.


Next, the amazeballs, uber-talented Jennifer Probst. I actually carted her book WRITE NAKED with me to Orlando because I knew she was going to be there and I simply had to meet her to autograph it.

I sat in on one of her workshops as well, but don’t ask me what she said. I was too busy pinching myself because I was sitting in the same room with her!

And look what she wrote to me!!!!!!


Okay, this next picture makes me giggle every time I see it! The incredible, sweet, absolutely lovely and funny Jill Shalvis was sososososos gracious when I basically interrupted her from eating at the Rita’s and begged – yes begged – for a picture.

 Can you see how giddy I am??!!!

And at the Literacy signing I bothered, er, spoke, to her again when she was with another of my favs, and Jill’s BFF, RaeAnne Thayne. Honestly, these two women are graciousness incarnate!!


last but certainly not least, I was able to “hang” with another of my favorite authors, Marianne Rice, who was attending her first RWA. We were having a good natured contest between us to see how many “big names” we could get to take selfies with us. Marianne WON, hands down!!! She got the fabulous Rachel Gibson!!!!  And Susan Elizabeth Phillips!!! Le sigh….maybe next year.

So, don’t ever be upset or embarrassed if you’re a fan girl, because we’ve all been there!! Some of us still are, despite our —ahem--senior ages!



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8 responses to “#RWA17, Fan girling….it’s a thing

  1. Oh! You’re adorable! I SO fan girl YOU as we’ll. Can’t wait for our next adventure where we can once again play the “one up” game. Love ya!

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  2. Peggy Jaeger

    I’m gonna win next time!!!!


  3. I’m too shy to actually go up to any of them, but yes, I fangirl all the time. I just sit and stare and dream.


  4. Yep, fan girl is a thing. I did the same thing at 2017 Mountain Of Authors when I met one of my long time favorite authors, Nancy Atherton of the Aunt Dimity Series fame (Cozy Mysteries). Got a selfie (check) She autographed one of her books for me (Check) She was sweet, funny and entertaining. Fun, Fun, Fun. Can’t wait for my first RWA, next year in Denver! See you there!

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  5. I fangirled big time with Jayne Anne Krentz. She is one of the authors I starting reading in 8th grade so we go waaay back. She was sitting alone at a table nursing a drink in a bar so I couldn’t resist. It was an amazing experience…I was shaking inside the whole time:) But we talked for a good 1/2 hour, and I realized we had so much in common as authors. I also found that just because you are a big name doesn’t mean you don’t have the same concerns as authors just starting out. She was worried about whether people would come to her workshops the next day. She didn’t need to worry. She and Susan Elizabeth Phillips drew a crowd, including me.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Amanda – I actually was Jayne’s minion at the New York RWA literacy signing. And she is exactly like you’ve described. So warm, witty and willing to talk about anything. The fans that met her at NYC RWA were all agog. I took more pictures of people who were crying with joy with her than I think I’ve done at weddings!

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  6. I love that you’re a fangirl! What’s wrong with not being able to contain your enthusiasm and sheer joy! What’s right with it? Everything! I bet you made each of those author’s days! How wonderful!


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