5 things I could not live without…

We’ve all played the game if you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you have to have with you in order to survive?

The routine answers are fresh water, toilet paper, shelter.

I think if you ask millenials, they’d say their iPhones and electronic devices before anything else.

But, assuming you have the things you need ( water, shelter, etc). what would be the 5 things other than the necessities you could not live without?

For me, the answers are easy.

#1 Diet Mountain Dew.  I’d need to have my daily fix

#2 My skin care products. I’m not going anywhere without my RetinA, sun block, body moisturizers, and eye cremes

#3 unlimited paper and pens. I can’t be stranded without something to write the tale of my deserted island experience about on.

#4 Flashlights with long lasting batteries. I don’t like the dark. Or things that crawl and creep in the dark, like on a deserted island.

#5 My kindle, loaded with 5000 books. Hey, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be bored, so books are the best friends that you can take anywhere!

What are the 5 things you couldn’t live without??

Until next time ~ Peg




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9 responses to “5 things I could not live without…

  1. Lip balm, coffee (with the fixins), The Rock/Dwayne Johnson (just for security and safety purposes because my family is with us, too), flowers (hopefully the island is carpeted with pretty ones), and endless bug repellent! Paper and pen, too.

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  2. Husband, puppy, granddaughters, wifi, (if it’s an island…sunscreen). Can I slip in the sixth, Kindle Fire, for books to read…or I might be too busy with husband, puppy, granddaughters, lol.

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      YOu could combine Husband, puppy adn ganddaughters into FAMILY. Then you’d have 2 more things you could bring! Family, Wifi, Kindle fire and…….?


  3. Lip Balm, Family, Coke Zero, eye makeup, ipad. That’s my list. Thanks for sharing Peggy!

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  4. sunglasses, tweezers, Ipod, coffee and my Navy SEAL.

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