Preparing for the Apocalypse by…..reading

I’m not kidding.

Not even a little bit.

There is so much bad news in the world right now with the Covid 19 pandemic, that sporting events and anything public-oriented is being canceled. School kids are told to stay  home; colleges are having virtual classes; most companies that can are encouraging their workers to work from their living rooms.

People are isolating themselves in their homes to prevent getting sick, waiting to get sick, or are currently sick and waiting to get better.

You can only watch so much TV before your mind turns to uncongealed jello, folks, so I’m proposing a radical idea to help pass the time, with the added benefit of giving you hours of pleasure: READ A BOOK. Preferably, one of mine ( shameless plug)

I have so many fabulous author friends,  and I saw a post on Facebook from one of them,  Cheri Allan, asking for book recommendations for people who are forced to stay home for the next two weeks or month.

What an amazing and unselfish request!
So you know I had to steal it.

If you are reading this and you are an author friend of mine- or even if you are not – go ahead and place a link for your current book in the comments section below. ONE WORD OF CAUTION: I don’t like to feature erotica on my blog because it is a PG safe place, so no erotica links please.

I’ll start us all off. Here’s my latest, A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK my very first romantic suspense (lite) book.

I sincerely hope my author friends take advantage of this idea and pass it on to their own readers!!!! It’ll spread like, well…..the corona virus. Only in a healthy, non-lethal way!!!

Until next time, peeps. Stay well and Read ~Peg

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20 responses to “Preparing for the Apocalypse by…..reading

  1. Cheri Allan

    Sharing the love! I’m happy to link to my newest release, THE RUNAWAY CUPCAKE QUEEN, where an ex-beauty queen flees a reality show and embarks on the road trip, romcom adventure of a lifetime!
    But peeps can find all my romantic comedies with heart at

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  2. Jennifer Zander Wilck

    Oh I love this idea! Here’s a link to my Jacob and Aviva’s story (they meet on a failed speed date)–and it’s currently on sale for 99 cents!

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  3. A great idea!! Here’s a link to A Season for Killing Blondes, Book 1 in the Gilda Greco series:

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      This was a 5star read from me, peeps – but ALL of Joanne’s books have been!!!! thanks, Joanne – pass the love onto your fans and followers!


  4. D.V. Stone

    Here’s one for the kiddos

    Agent Carter and the Mystery at Branch Lake
    Thanks Peggy
    D. V. 🦉

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  5. I adore you, Peg! What a terrific idea! Here’s mine: Escape to medieval Scotland this weekend in “To Weave A Highland Tapestry” Amazon:

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Mary I know your readers LOVELOVELOVE to escape anywhere with you!!!!! Thanks for this, and please pay it forward to your fans and followers!


  6. For the first time, in a long time, working parents will be able to have some time to spend and interact with their children. And that’s a good thing. My recommendation is “The Ten Best Family Books to Read Together”:

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  7. Fantastic idea Peg! Here’s mine, be whisked away in a fantasy adventure and discover breaking the curse is only the beginning with CHARM ME AGAIN!

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  8. mrsnnnlight

    I know, I mostly do promo for my author clients and friends but MR N and I also are authors. Thank you, Peg, for the opportunity. Here’s one of ours:

    Escape from the panic in your city to a sweet romance between childhood friends on a farm. Planting the Seeds of Love by N. N. Light.

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  9. Linda Griffin

    Thank you, Peg! Here’s a link to my new release’s page on my website, with reviews and order inks:

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  10. Thanks for this Peggy! Here’s a link for Lies and Solace, book 1 in my Love at Solace Lake series:

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  11. Lucy Kubash

    I’m getting in a little late here but thanks, Peggy, for starting this. What a wonderful idea! Here is a tagline and the link to my romantic suspense from TWRP, Will o’ the Wisp.
    “What happens when a man from your past turns up on your doorstep? What if you have to trust him?”



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