#SundaySnippet 10.11.2020 Angel Kisses and Holiday Wishes

There is SOSOSOSOSOS Much going on this month for me that I needed to take a breath for a sec before I posted this #SundaySnippet.

Okay…breath taken. Nerves calmed. 

So…one of the 2 releases I have this month is as part of a Holiday Romance Anthology titled CHRISTMAS COMES TO DICKENS. My addition is ANGEL KISSES and HOLIDAY WISHES. This little bit is from an interaction between two former lovers who are rediscovering their forgotten love for one another.


“I haven’t been here since I’ve been back,” she told him hours later as they sat across from one another in Dorrit’s Diner. “I don’t think Amy has changed a thing since we were kids.”

“Not even the menu, thank goodness. I’ve been craving a cheeseburger smothered in bacon and mushrooms with a plate of fries, for days. Here, at least, I know I’m getting real heart-attack meat and grease.” He took a huge bite of his burger, closed his eyes and sighed as the first familiar and satisfying flavors hit taste buds.

Sage’s free and open laugh dragged his eyes back open.

“I hope you have a good cardiologist where you live. And I just realized I don’t even know where that is.”

Her grin was as delectable to his senses as the food.

“Manchester, and my heart is fine, thanks.”

Now. Keep eating like that”—she pointed her lettuce-laden fork at his plate—“and it’ll be another story. Has your physician even discussed nutrition with you?”

“I don’t have one. I’m never sick.”

What? Keith, that’s being irresponsible with your health. You need to take care of your body. If not for yourself, then think of your son and how he would feel if anything happened to you. How…destroyed, he’d be.”

A shadow crossed her eyes and, automatically, he reached a hand across the table and threaded his fingers into hers. When she didn’t pull them back, or even startle at the contact, a swell of contentment surged through him.

“You’re thinking about your dad.”

The shadow flew when her beautiful eyes widened. “I guess I was. Sorry.” She shook her head.

“Don’t be. You care about people, Sage. And it shows. His loss was horrible for your family and a defining moment for you. Remember: I was there. I know how much your lives changed when he died.”

“Then you know I’m being truthful when I say you have to take better care of yourself so the people who love you can have you around for a long, long time.”

You used to be one of those people who loved me.

She unfurled her hand from his and lifted her water glass. To lighten the mood he said, “Maybe I’ll move back here and you can be my doctor.”

Her brows rose and, oh, how he wished that was hope crossing in her gaze.

“But your business isn’t here. Don’t you need to be where, well, I guess the work is?”

“I can work anywhere as long as I have a laptop and a drafting table.” He took another bite of his burger then downed it with some of his soda. “Corrine is going to need on-going care, at least for a while. Maybe permanently. I’d rather be closer to oversee it in person instead of by phone. Besides…”

“Besides, what?”

He leaned across their table, grinned, then with his voice lowered just for her ears said, “If I move back here you can take me on as a patient. Make sure I eat the right things and take care of myself.”

Her mouth curled in the corners and her eyes danced with laughter. “Why do I have the feeling you’d be a terrible patient? Never listen to a word of advice? Fight me on every healthy change I’d want to make?”

He shrugged. “For what it’s worth, I’d be the perfect patient.”

“There’s that arrogance again.”

When he nailed her with a glare he knew was filled with heat and intent, he got a strange sense of satisfaction when she squirmed a bit.

Lifting her free hand again he brought it to his lips and bussed her knuckles. His reward was the sweet, heightened color invading her cheeks.

But she didn’t look away from him or scan the crowded diner to see who was watching, what tongues would be wagging about his blatant display. No, her gaze stayed right on his and glowed with emotion.

“I would. Have no doubt. I’d be the perfect patient, Sage, because”—her eyebrows lifted again—“I’d really like playing doctor with you.”

Intrigued? Here’s the universal code to preorder the entire anthology for only 99cents CC2D and when you do, please download the FREE cookie companion, IT’S A DICKENS OF A COOKIE, as a gift to you from the authors.

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7 responses to “#SundaySnippet 10.11.2020 Angel Kisses and Holiday Wishes

  1. Nancy Fraser

    Wonderful post, as always. Thanks for spreading the word!

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  2. A great post. I’m loving my sneak peeks at everyone’s stories!

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  3. MaddieJames

    So much Christmas I can hardly wait for release day!!!!

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  4. Excellent snippet, puts me in a good mood for sure!

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  5. Peggy Jaeger

    thank you!


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