#goodthingsTuesday 3.9.2021

SO my exciting/good news this week has already been promoted, but it’s so fabulous it required another telling, here, today!!


I’m excited to announce that my titles DEARLY BELOVED and TODAY, TOMORROW, ALWAYS are part of a new venture  The Wild Rose Press, Inc. has announced today.  In a licensing a distributorship with Romance Fate, a company that turns romance novels into interactive games, select TWRP titles are being transformed for this gaming platform,  DEARLY BELOVED and TODAY, TOMORROW, ALWAYS among them.

These games are interactive and the player becomes the heroine in the story.  The game is best played on a phone or tablet and is not meant for computers but you can see their site and read more about what they do here: ROMANCE FATE  It will be about six months before my title is there but I will let everyone know when it is livelivelive!!!. 

The demographic for these games is women between the ages of 18 to 40.  There a lot of readers who enjoy being more immersed in the stories they love.

So wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!!

Now, tell me your good thing this week!!!! I want to bask in your good stuff, too.



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6 responses to “#goodthingsTuesday 3.9.2021

  1. D.V. Stone

    Good morning, Peggy. It’s so exciting to hear this. I can’t wait. 🎮

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  2. Exciting times ahead…Congrats! 🙂

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  3. Ilona Fridl

    After a long dry spell, I’m finally making notes on a new novel. Best on the game!

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  4. Peggy Jaeger

    Ilona YAY!!!! for you. keep at it.


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