#goodthingsTuesday 3.23.2021

My good thing today is a VERY GOOD THING!! My first Covid Vaccine is scheduled for tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be my only one, depending on if they use the J&J innoculation.

Stay tuned for details.

So, what is something good that happened to you this week?



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7 responses to “#goodthingsTuesday 3.23.2021

  1. Wow that’s pretty awesome! Considering my week has just started, I’d say that I get a brand new week, and that’s the good thing that I have at the moment, lol. Thanks for this post!

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  2. D.V. Stone

    Good luck with your vax.
    My good news is-Only 68 days until retirement or 48 actual working days. 30 days until my first camping trip of the year. But who’s counting. DV😉

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  3. Congrats !
    I take my brother for his second tomorrow.

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  4. janarichards

    Great news, Peggy! I’m a couple of years away from my age group coming up for vaccinations so I presume I’ll be able to book an appointment by the end of the week. At least I hope so!

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  5. MJ Schiller

    Congratulations on your retirement, D.V.! I highly recommend it! 😉


  6. MJ Schiller

    I received my first shot over the weekend. The place was super well-organized and everyone was positive and upbeat. I didn’t even feel the shot go in and haven’t had any side effects. Good luck with yours, and thanks for sharing your good news!


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