One week until BALANCE hits the shelves ( and Kindles,LOL)

I’m always excited when a new book is about to be released. They really are like a writer’s babies – hard work goes into birthing them and then we want everyone to love them as much as we do, LOL.

I have to admit, I lovelovelove the story of Phillipa Doubletree and Decker Madina and I sincerely hope you do, too!

Divorced socialite Phillipa Doubletree is forging a life of her own for the first time at the age of 37. With her abusive marriage behind her, she’s learning how to trust again, is managing her own life and finances, and reconnecting with her oldest friend. Phil’s not ready to jump into the dating world yet, and the thought of being in a relationship gives her hives.  Her marriage left too many emotional scars and she’s liking this free and easy single girl life.

But it would be nice to know she’s still desirable to a man.

Physician’s Assistant and widower Decker Madina is single-parenting his son and caring for his aged and sick father. With a mountain of work and family obligations, skyrocketing medical bills, and a job that’s taking an emotional toll, Decker wishes he could carve out a little time for himself, enjoy the company of a woman, and maybe even get married again.

These two come from different worlds and want different things. But it’s said opposites attract. Can they find the balance between their lifestyles to make a relationship work? Or are their differences too much for an everlasting love?

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Life and love are a balancing act.


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  1. Best wishes for mega sales.


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