25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, day 20

Sometimes, when I buy an ornament for my own tree, I get a duplicate for someone else.

Case in point – the one I purchased this year:

This ornament begins…”On the night you were born…”

I bought it this year to commemorate the birth of my first grandchild. I also gave one to my daughter who put up her very first married Christmas tree this year!

I’m hoping she continues the tradition of special ornaments that make memories even better.

Trim a tree, kids.




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6 responses to “25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, day 20

  1. Charlene Whitehouse

    What a fabulous ornament. I love getting new ornaments every year. Such great memories to share.

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  2. Dan

    I’ve read that book to my kids!


  3. I’ve enjoyed these ornaments you’ve posted. This is a beautiful one!

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  4. Peggy Jaeger

    thank you, dear lady!


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