25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, Day 23

From Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys singing about it, to all the wonderful movies that have been made in it, New York is one of the world’s favorite places.

I’m so proud to have been born and bred there. I was a real NYC girl until 27 when I married and moved away. But whenever we go back to visit the relatives I slip back into forgetting to pronounce my “Rs” and speaking really, really fast!

This ornament was purchased during the 2011 holiday season when hubby, daughter and I were back for Christmas. We took my niece, Alison, and my in-laws to see Chicago on Broadway and I just had to have an ornament to commemorate the great day we all had. The one blight? The apostrophe in Jaegers. I never noticed it until the street artist was finished. The writer in me is appalled, but the New Yorker in my just finds it funny.

Two more days to go, peeps.




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2 responses to “25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, Day 23

  1. Susie Black

    Peg, I have thoroughly enjoyed your daily ornament posts. The ornaments are certainly interesting, but it is your commentaries on them that have made your posts so meaningful. I am sorry there are only a few more days left. Thank you again for sharing so much of yourself. Holly Schwartz AKA Susie Black

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    • Peggy Jaeger

      Darling girl, thank you so much for the kind words and encouragements – and for the lovely Christmas card!!! Be well and stay safe and healthy through the New Year!


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