Photo of the day, day 12

Namaste Kitty resides in a sunny corner of my backyard. Beneath the statue are the remains of my beloved, crazy-ass cat Felina who lived to the age of 18. When she passed away in my daughter’s bedroom one warm and bright summer day, my heart broke in two and has never fully recovered.

Felina Catina Jaeger came to us at barely 8 weeks old from the Human Society when my daughter turned 6 years old. From the moment she entered the house she was best buds with my 7 year old Lab, Ella and never left either her side or my daughter’s. She’d sleep on our beds, under the covers if we let her, on us, across us and always with us.

The day I had to call my daughter in her apartment and let her know Felina had passed is one of the bottom 5 days of my life.

They leave us much too soon, kids. Much too soon.



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4 responses to “Photo of the day, day 12

  1. MJ Schiller

    We experienced a similar loss this year and the house seems so much quieter. This other presence, who had lived with us for seventeen years, is gone. Just the greeting you’d get when you walked into a room would lift you and we both miss that. She grew up with our kids and was there through all the lessons we learned as parents, too. I’m sorry for your loss, my friend. But we are lucky to have had such a companion in life, aren’t we? Truly blessed!


  2. So true, and they live on in our hearts forever…


  3. That is the worst thing about pets, short lives. But the love they give us during their lives is very special.


  4. Hey there woman !!!
    Please pm me your home
    email ! I can’t find it!!!
    Hugs love to all

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