#SundaySnippet 1.23.2022

From the upcoming 3.1.2022 release of MIX & MATCH ( Heaven’s Matchmaker book1)

Van has just been on a pre-arranged date and he’s called Jasmine to tell her about it.

Unable to hold it back, she asked the question she really didn’t want an answer to. “Are you going to see her again?”

“Aye. Friday night. We’re going bowling.”


“Why do you say it like that?”

“Like what?”

“As if you can’t see me with a bowling ball in me hand. I’m a darn good bowler, I’ll have you know.”

“Just when you think you know a person,” she said, a twisted smirk blooming across her mouth.

He ignored the sarcasm, saying, “Kaitlyn plays in a league. A church one—”

“Surprise, surprise,” she muttered.

“And their next meet is this Friday.”

“What’s the name of her league, the Holy Rollers?”

She’d said it to make him laugh. But he just squinted at her.

“I’m kidding, Van. No shade, really.”

“I don’t know what that means, but you hit the nail on it with the name.”

“Wait. They really are called the Holy Rollers?”

His sigh was deep and long. “Aye.”

“Oh, my GOD!” The laughter peeling from her was uncontrollable. “I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to laugh, but…” She couldn’t finish because another ripple bubbled up from deep inside her belly.

Donovan peered at her through the phone and shook his head. The tiniest of grins tugged at the corner of his mouth then spread into a full, cheek-wide smile that had her happy she was on the bed and not standing because her legs had turned to mush.

“ ’Tis a bit much, isn’t it?”

“No. No, actually it’s perfect.” She swiped at her dripping eyes with the backs of her knuckles. “You’re going?”

“Aye.” He let out a breath and swiped a hand though the side of his head. “When I told her I’d played in university she was all agog and couldn’t wait to invite me. Seems no one she’s gone out with has shared her love of it. Apparently, her whole family are—”

“Holy Rollers?” She started giggling again.

If her father had been in the picture during her life, she imagined the look he’d have given her when she’d misbehaved would be identical to the one Donovan gave her right now. Brows knitted together, lips bent into an upside-down U, head tilted to one side and regarding her with a side-eye.

“Sorry. That one was too easy and I couldn’t resist.”

 “You’ve the humor of a ten-year-old.” He stopped, yawned, then covered his mouth. “Sorry, love. It’s been a long week and it’s tired I am.”

“Mr. Pot, meet Ms. Kettle, ‘cuz I hear ya. I’m all set to grab a shower and then crash. I’m on duty at six tomorrow and it’s another scheduled double for me.”

Intrigued? 3.1.2022



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9 responses to “#SundaySnippet 1.23.2022

  1. Enjoyed the excerpt, made me smile along with her actually.


  2. I enjoyed it, too, and chuckled at the Holy Rollers. Tweeted


  3. MJ Schiller

    Cute snippet! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Really enjoyed the snippet, lovely banter between these two.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Fun snippet. Love the banter.


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