New, in #kindlevella #childrensstory ACE & THE CAVE MYSTERY

I usually hawk romance books and romance authors on this blog but today I’m doing something different.

There’s a new author on Kindle Vella that I want to help promote. Her name is Pearl Hunter and she writes middle-grade-aged books. Her debut novel/Vella just dropped today on the platform and is titled ACE & THE CAVE MYSTERY. The four protagonists are 11 years old and the setting is mid-1990s America. Here’s the blurb for some context:

In a simpler time before cell phones and social media, a quartet of friends discover the true meaning of friendship. Althea Candice Edwards, Ace to her friends and family, is an inquisitive 11-year-old obsessed with mysteries. With her two besties, Janine and Moo, and their new friend, heiress Roberta Winslow, they discover a hidden cave filled with stolen items. When the local police don’t believe them, they decide to investigate on their own. Will their strong friendship bond keep them safe?

So, it sounds as if it is a mystery/coming of age/friendship bonds book – which I remember loving when I was ak id!

As with all Vella novels, the first 3 chapters/episodes are free to read. I hope you give this new author a look-see. I thoroughly enjoyed reading an arc of her story. I think if you have middle-grade kids, they’ll like it too.


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