You’re invited to a #COVERREVEAL party for the LAST MAN STANDING SERIES #sweetromance #romanceseries

So, I’ve been a busy little romance writer this year! LOL

I’m excited to be included in this 15-author series with some of today’s hottest-selling authors. We’re having a series-wide cover reveal party on June 3 and you’re invited. It’ll be an evening of cover reveals, questions, and games – oh, and prizes!!! The party is being held on Annie’s Angels Reading group. Here’s the link to join and attend: LMSCR

THE LAST MAN STANDING SERIES is a sweet romance line about that guy we all know – the one who’s a confirmed bachelor; the commitment-phobe; the playa. In this series, these 15 guys get their comeuppance when they find that one woman who breaks all their single-man-and-staying-that-way-rules.

My book, CHANCE, is # 13, and here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ about it:

Chance Miller, divorce lawyer extraordinaire, knows the whole happily ever after dream is an urban myth. He deals with miserable and wedded warring couples every day and swears staying single keeps him sane and happy. His friends and family consider him the last single man standing and fear he’ll never find someone and settle down. But Chance relishes his carefree status and unencumbered lifestyle and has no plans to change anything.

If only his relatives would stop trying to set him up with their version of the perfect woman.

Fredrika Poole already experienced her one great love, and the widow can’t read any future romance in her tea leaves. She’s content to bake, run her business, and care for her daughter.

When Chance meets Freddie and discovers her marriage thoughts run on the same road his do, he realizes she’s the answer to his prayer for keeping the relatives at bay. But the pixie barista has a way of making Chance question everything he’s always thought about love, marriage, and wedded bliss.

Will his last man standing status go unchallenged? Or will Freddie be the one woman he wants…but can never have?

Intrigued? I do l love a fake-romance romance story!

Join us on June 3 to see all these gorgeous covers in one place! A good time is guaranteed.

~ Peg


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One response to “You’re invited to a #COVERREVEAL party for the LAST MAN STANDING SERIES #sweetromance #romanceseries

  1. Congrats, Peggy! Can’t wait to see the gorgeous covers. And lucky #13 sounds like a super entertaining and fun read!!


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