Authors Amber Cross, Kate Richards, Temperance Dawn, and Ashlyn Chase have teamed together to bring you a fabulous new PNR titled PARANORMAL DEFENSE AGENTS

Many paranormals see themselves as superior to humans and will use their powers to get what they want, whenever they want. Ironically, that can make them very good—or very bad bodyguards. These are four stories of very good bodyguards.

Blinded by Desire by Ashlyn Chase
Elizabeth Fairchild is the 21-year-old secret daughter of the US president. She’s beautiful, stubbornly independent, and blind! To allow her to attend college in Switzerland, POTUS sends agent/shifter Max Wagner as her seeing eye dog. This asset will be difficult to protect—from his own desire.

A Pack of Love by Amber Cross
Someone is trying to kill archaeologist Brynn Connor. Until the culprit is found, werewolf Cole Grayson will protect her. A simple assignment, except the prickly woman has an issue with her “personal space” and doing his job puts him directly in it. Sparks, and fur, are guaranteed to fly.

The Mountain Lion’s Mate by Kate Richards
Diner server Emmalise Schaeffer is the daughter of a prince royal of a small European principality. Not that she knows it. A rival to the throne has taken out a contract on her life. Tom Katari feels confident he can do the job until his mountain lion announces that she is his mate. Now he must not only save her but figure out how to tell the boss he’s in love with his protectee. 

Hungry for Love by Temperance Dawn
Ava Laurant’s expertise in vampires is essential to protecting her new assignment, but when rock star Tyler Murray’s past comes back to haunt him, she must reveal her true identity.

The Paranormal Defense Agents anthology is a set of four books from award-winning and USA Today Bestselling Authors who were charmed by the idea of a Paranormal Defense Agency as envisioned by the amazing and talented Ashlyn Chase. They came together to bring to life four of the heroic agents of the Paranormal Defense Agency.

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