And another #LastManStanding bites the dust! Today, it’s BAXTER by Kathleen Lawless

The next man to fall is BAXTER REID. Today, Kathleen Lawless‘ book released to rave reviews. Check out this feisty and set in his way film director.

BAXTER ( Last Man Standing)

Film director Baxter Reid is used to giving directions, not taking them!

Especially from April Thomas, who has been hired by Baxter’s agent to enhance the director’s less than illustrious social standing to help place him in the running for an Oscar-worthy film project he’s after.

Baxter is everything April dislikes. Cocky, arrogant, disdainful of women. Or has the media deliberately portrayed him that way? Either way, she has her work cut out to give him a social media makeover.

Reluctantly, Baxter goes along with April’s regime to improve his image, but when a smear campaign comes to light and they work together to trace its origin, surprises catch them both off guard.

Inside the sound stage, April looked around at what appeared to be organized chaos with people in headsets clutching clipboards, running back and forth. “I don’t see Baxter Reid.”

       Mike, Baxter’s agent, flashed her a dazzling look. “He’s uh, he’s tied up for a bit.”

       April’s gaze narrowed. “But he is expecting me.”

       “Not exactly.”

       “Hmmph.”  April crossed her arms over her chest. Just then, the decibel level dropped. Holly Snow, media darling and star of a recent hit movie appeared with Baxter on her heels.

       “She looks smaller in person.” April had lived in LA long enough to not be starstruck every time she saw a celebrity. No matter how famous, stars were just people, more often than not wearing a fancy façade to disguise their insecurities.

       “I don’t know his secret, but Bax makes her look bigger on screen.  Otherwise, viewers would know her stunt double does all the real work.”

       “Is it true Baxter Reid never hires female stunt people?”

       “They call them stuntmen for a reason.”

       April spun to face her client. How had he managed that?  Come up behind them without being seen.

       “You know I don’t appreciate strangers on the set.” He spoke to his agent but his eyes were taking her measure.  ‘Not pretty enough to be an actress’ shifted to, ‘what are you doing here with Mike?’

       “Hopefully you two won’t be strangers for long,” Mike said.

       “Latest Tinder date?” Baxter drawled.

       “Revitalique,” Mike said.

       Baxter’s brow furrowed. “Is that a new dating ap?”

       “Not.” April didn’t appreciate being talked about as if she wasn’t there.  “It’s an agency specializing in image makeovers.”

       “Good,” Baxter said. “Mike could use one.” He turned as if to leave.

“I’m not here for Mike.” 

       Baxter did a half turn, waiting.

April met his gaze straight on. “I’m here for you.”

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Peggy! What a fun series!


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