THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC Now available on all Digital platforms! #PNR #WesternRomance #WesternPNR

I’m so excited! Today is the day THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC goes into worldwide distribution across all digital platforms. If you have a Kindle, a Nook, read under Kobo, or iTunes, you can now have this little gem for your very own!!

Here’s the universal Link to all media: TS&TP

And a little about my very first ( but not last) Cowboy PNR romance!

Police Psychic Silvestra Coeltrain comes to Renewal, OK to visit with old friends and to heal. After a year in which she was tested physically, mentally, and psychically, all she wants to do is sleep, fish, and bask in the tranquility of the sleepy town.

Sheriff Caleb Blackbear doesn’t understand the feelings he’s quickly developing for Renewal’s newest visitor. She responds to his kisses with a passion that equals his own. But she’s an enigma, filled with secrets and evasions, and he’s a suspicious man.

When several of the local ranches begin losing cattle to a mysterious illness, it’s Silvestra who claims the animals are being methodically targeted and killed. As Cal’s investigation zeros in on who and what could be slaying the animals, the murder of a prominent rancher’s daughter – and Cal’s former lover – complicates things. With Silvestra’s life now in danger, Cal is determined to keep her safe at any cost.

But can he?



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2 responses to “THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC Now available on all Digital platforms! #PNR #WesternRomance #WesternPNR

  1. I have this one waiting for me on my Kindle. Thanks for the reminder!


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