Photo of the day, day 339, the 25 days of Christmas Ornaments

So, I tell this story every year.

This is an ornament of rock’em sock’em robots.

From the time I was 6 until I turned 9 I asked Santa for rock’em sock’em robots every year. I never got it. My mother finally said, look, Santa doesn’t give boy gifts to girls and that gift is a boy gift.

I was devastated.

Flash forward 2.5 decades and I am telling this story around the dinner table at my in-laws when someone asked what was the most disappointing Christmas gift you ever got or never got.

They all agreed I got sold out by a stereotype Santa.

Christmas morning we all wake up and there’s a gift under the tree for me. I unwrapped it and burst into tears. Yup. Rock’em sock’em robots.

Best Christmas ever.


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