Photo of the day, day 340, the 25 days of Christmas ornaments

Another story I tell every year.

So, I got married on December 26th. I know…don’t bother telling me how crazy I was.

Hubby to be was already living in Wisconsin but was coming home for a few days for us to get hitched and then we were going to fly back to WI. Someone at the clinic asked him if he was going to put up a Christmas tree as a surprise for when I returned with him. He never even thought to.

Serendipity is an amazing thing because the very next day, as he was passing the Goodwill box he passed every single day on the way to work, there, sticking out of it, was a 7-foot tree with all the trimming. So, he took it back to his apartment and it was waiting for me when I came to my new home.

This ornament was made by one of the people he worked with at the time to commemorate the event.


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