The highs and lows of 2022 in my life…

As this year closes out and we all catch the end-of-the-year reflection bug, I can’t help but think what a rollercoaster 2022 was – in the world and in my own life.

My third-grade teacher, Mrs. Sinclair, used to say that whenever we think of something bad happening we should balance it by thinking of something good. Makes sense, no?

So, here are the bad things that happened (to me) in 2022, first:

~ I got Covid. REALLLLLY bad covid even though I was double-vaxxed and triple-boosted. I was laid up for 10 days with a wracking cough, incredibly high fevers, and no energy at all.

~ I developed a ridiculous double ear infection that rendered me 95% deaf for almost 2 weeks.

~ I watched the slow, progressive decline of my parents’ health and mentation.

~ I didn’t win Powerball. Not even once!

~ I didn’t win Megamillions.

And now, the positive:

~ my grandson took his first steps, said his first words, and recognizes me enough to dive-bomb me with hugs and kisses whenever he sees me.

~ I wrote, and subsequently had published, 7 new books

~ I got a new writing/publishing contract from Magnolia Blossom Publishing for 5 books

~ I had my first 3 Paranormal romances published. Merry’s Ghost, The Haunting of Wilton June, and It’s Witch O’Clock Somewhere

~ I sold more books than any other year! ( Hubby likes this one best of all! hee hee)

~ I lost 21 pounds ( so far)

~ I attended 3 in-person romance conference/book signings this year – this was major since I didn’t do any in the 2 years Covid raged)

~ I had two personal book signings at a local bookstore.

~ I was a double-RONE nominee

~ I won a New Jersey Gold Leaf award for my very first Paranormal Romance, THE SHERIFF & THE PSYCHIC

~ My daughter finally had her many-times-Covid-postponed wedding celebration on Mt. Washington

~ My Grandson turned 1!

It’s nice when it’s all laid out like this that I can truly see the positive far outweighed the negative.

Here’s hoping 2023 is the same.


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  1. A year of mixed blessings! Congrats on all the good things, Peggy!


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