#tuesdaytease 4.11.2023 SABLE ( ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID) #medicalromance #sweetromance

Today’s tease comes from my May 17th release, SABLE (Always a Bridesmaid- book 12)

Sable groaned as she spotted her oldest aunt, Teresa, moving like a heat seeking missile across the ballroom aimed straight for her.

She took a massive chug of Cranberry Cosmo from her glass, swallowed, then put what she hoped looked like a sincere smile on her face.

“There you are. I’ve been searching everywhere for you, young lady.”

“Auntie, I’ve been right here all night,” Sable said, bussing the older woman’s cheek. “What’s up?”

“Well,” her aunt slid her hand into the crook of Sable’s arm and glided her toward a quieter spot in the back corner. “I wanted to have a little chat.”

And I bet I know what about.

“Now that your brother is finally married, you’re the only single one in your generation.”

Here it comes.

 “I worry about you.  All alone, a single woman living in the city. It’s a dangerous place for a girl on her own.”

Goodness, you’d think I lived in an abandoned drug den instead of an Upper West Side brownstone.

“I’m fine, auntie. My apartment has a doorman and Chance had me install security locks on my door. No worries about my safety necessary.”

“Yes, well your brother is a cautious man, thankfully, but it’s time for you to settle down like he finally has. Are you involved with anyone special? You didn’t bring anyone today, but then you never do to any family functions. I would think if you’re serious about someone they would attend your brother’s wedding with you.”

Sable clamped down on the snarky reply she wanted to make. “I’m not involved with anyone, Aunt Teresa. Not right now. Work is the priority. It has to be.”

Teresa pressed her lips together in a thin line, the corners of her mouth pinching. “Your dedication to your medical practice is to be merited, Sable, but there comes a time when you need to do more than simply work. Now, I recently met this charming man I think would be perfect for you—”

Sable squeezed a hand over her aunt’s and forced a smile again. Best to get out in front of this. Her aunt was famous for her matchmaking efforts and Sable wanted no part in a family-mediated hookup.

“While I’m sure he’s as charming as you say, I’m doing fine in the dating world, Auntie. I’m simply taking my time and enjoying the process. You know the old saying? You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”

Sable shuddered internally as she made the declaration. So far, the amphibians in her life outnumbered the royals a thousand to one.

“Be that as it may, it’s time you start considering marriage. You’re thirty years old, Sable. Not old, but not in the first bloom of youth, either. You don’t want to have to use artificial means to have a baby because your eggs are drying up, do you?”

Was there anything more ego-deflating than a conversation about the status of her eggs with a woman who’d ended her baby-making career decades ago?

Intrigued? LOL. I’ve also got a preorder contest going on over on my facebook page. The rules are in the following graphic. If you comment down below in this post it counts!!! Good luck!


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