#firstlinefriday 5.12.2023 THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE #pnr #Ronenominee #smalltownghost

Today’s #firstlinefriday comes from the ( you had to have guessed this!) THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE. LOL. It’s the only book I’ve been talking about all week due to its RONE NOMINEE status. WILL is book 2 in the ROMANTIC HAUNTINGS series from Magnolia Blossom Publishers.

Here’s the first line:

Oh, and have I mentioned the book is a RONE NOMINEE ( LOL) If you’d like to vote for it, and haven’t already- despite all my begging!- here’s the link and the instructions:


Voting ends at midnight tonight!
Thanks for your support and have a great weekend ~ Peg


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