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Meet Freddie Poole, heroine, from CHANCE (Last Man Standing); #preorder # sweetromance #widow

I have to tell you first, before anything else, I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea. I tell you this because my heroine in my upcoming book CHANCE is a coffee bar owner and barista – two things I had to heavily research!

Fredrika “Freddie” Poole already experienced her one great love, and the widow can’t read any future romance in her tea leaves. She’s content to bake, run her business, and care for her daughter. When she meets Chance Miller and he proposes they “fake date” to appease his family, she takes the idea under consideration and agrees because nothing will happen, emotionally, right? They’re only pretending to date.

Here are a few things you should know about Freddie:

~ she’s a first responder widow

~ she has a four-year-old daughter

~ she lives with her mom and stepsister

~ it was her dream to open a bakery, her husband’s to open a coffee bar, so she combined the two

~ baking is her first love

~ she isn’t looking for a happily ever after because she already had the love of her life

~ the name of her business is A HUG IN A MUG

Want to learn more about this pixie barista? CHANCE releases on 9.12.2022 but you can preorder your copy here, now: CHANCE (LMS)

And check out all the other LAST MAN STANDING books in the series – all books are STAND-ALONE romances.



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Photo of the day, day 219

Post-Covid I nap a lot because I get tired. Maple is very supportive and never leaves my side.

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Photo of the day, day 218

I’m working in bed. Maple is here for emotional support…although her snores are a bit distracting.

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Photo of the day, day 214

I wish you could hear him snoring…’s so cute.

And so loud! lol

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Photo of the day, day 213

The 6 pm doggie play group in Jersey City…

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A July recap…what a month! #writinglife

I don’t usually do recap blogs because I’m always moving forward and looking in my rearview, but July 2022 was a BIG Month for me, so I decided to take a quick look back just so I could bask again in everything wonderful that happened to me, career-wise.

Indulge me, please, lol.

ROMANTICON 2022 was held on July 15th and I had the best time. It’s been a Covid-minute since I was able to attend a book signing and this one was fabulous, so fab, I’m already signed up for next year’s event!

July saw the publication of my first KISS romance book. A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK & AIDEN became KISSapp-worthy, opening my work up to a whole new subculture of romance readers.

Another wonderful honor for A PRIDE OF BROTHERS: RICK was to have it be turned into an interactive romance game under the Chapters App – and again, I now have an entire new fan/reading audience who are romance gamers. Who cool is that??? They changed the title to UNDER HIS PROTECTION and I’ve had a ball playing the game so far. New chapters are uploaded every Sunday morning.

I had a Cover reveal for my upcoming Dickens Holiday romance, SASHA’S SECRET SANTA with NN Light’s Bookheaven this month. It was so exciting introducing this cover because I lovelovelove it so much! Preorder links will go up soon!

And finally, I’ve got a Goodreads Giveaway for THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE that will end tonight at midnight, so if you haven’t entered yet to win one of 5 print copies, here’s your last chance: Goodreads Givaway

Goodness! I can’t even imagine what August will bring. LOL

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Photo of the day, day 212

Maple and Kelly swimming again. This time Maple has the lead…and sole possession of the stick!!

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Photo of the day, day 211

Grandma duty is so exhausting…..


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Photo of the day, day 210

I want to draw your attention to the black oval at the top of my phone. This is how long I was on hold with my credit card company when I decided to document this. The call timed out at 60 minutes and then I had to call and start all over again. I really miss being able to talk to live people and not automatrons.

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Photo of the day, day 209

This little girl turned 2 on 7.25. Love her sososo much!

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