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#holidayshopping2022 #onlineshopping Gift a book for the Holidays from @peggyjaeger

Since the pandemic I have shunned in-person shopping as much as I can, opting for home delivery when it’s available – or other online ways to get what I need.

This holiday season is no exception for me. The thought of being crammed into a mall with coughing kids and grumpy shoppers is not my idea of undiluted pleasure.

If you’re like me ( yay!), have a romance book reader on your Holiday list – or even if it’s you, and want to get them something special, take advantage of my 2022 Holiday book store this year. All the books listed are in print, $11.00 a piece – a sizable discount even from the ‘Zon, and shipping/handling is cheaper than the post office.

Why am I doing this? Simple – I want to make it easy for people to get my books without spending the horrible markups you see in retailers and online distributors. With the economy still in recovery mode, this is the very least I can offer to my readers.


Check out the order form here:

and visit my author page here to see blurbs for the books offered:

Happy Holidays, kids, from one romance reader to another.

This is just a sample of the dozens of books available:


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It’s a #KindleVella #giveaway from Bookthrone authors!

🔥Start Binge-Reading.🔥
🎁 KIndleVella Authors are giving away a $250 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky reader. Enter our giveaway for a chance to win for a Chance to Win.

I’m so stoked 2 of my KindleVella books _ The Jane Austen Murders and Death Between the Pages are part of this great giveaway.

#kindlevella #kindledeals #kindlereads #kindlebooks #kindlepromo

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#SundaySnippet The New York Socialites – BALANCE #romcom #NYCromance

the third book in The New York Socialites Series, BALANCE, is my little gift to you today.

She’s a wealthy socialite who survived an abusive marriage.
He’s a hardworking guy raising his son and caring for his widowed father.
They come from different worlds, but it’s said…opposites attract.
Can they find the balance between their two lifestyles to make their love work?
Or will their differences tear them apart?

Life and love are a balancing act.


Joe enveloped me in a full-body hug, told me he enjoyed meeting and chatting with me, then made me promise I wouldn’t be “a stranger.” I assured him I wouldn’t.

Once we were outside the building, Derek said, “He liked you.”

Cockily, I replied, “Of course he did. What’s not to like?”

He grinned, said, “Not a damn thing,” then swooped me into his arms and pulled me against him. “I wanted to do this in the kitchen but…David.” He shook his head.

I had a pretty good idea what he meant, but asked anyway, “Do what?” while I leaned into his hard body and wrapped my hands around his waist.

With the half grin that made me lose the will to stand upright, he nuzzled the side of my nose with his own. “This.”

Soft and sweet, a simple swipe of his mouth against mine, the kiss was as chaste as could be.

Why I went numb from my knees downward was inexplicable, then. My grip around his waist tightened as I fell into his body for support to keep upright.

A deep moan welled up from him, a soul-tugging sigh with it,  and he deepened the kiss as he dipped me backward over his arm.

I held on for dear life.

Okay, that, and because he felt so damn good. I’d have been a fool not to enjoy all the hard, lean muscle pressing against me now, wouldn’t I?

Mr. and Mrs. Doubletree of the Manhattan Doubletrees didn’t raise a fool.

“I’ve wanted to do this,” he whispered against my cheek, “ever since that day at the women’s center.”

I shifted until his lips were against my temple. “Why?”

“You mean aside from the way my heart rate kicks up whenever I look at you?”

Pleasure rippled through me.

“When you told me about being recently divorced you looked so…lost and fragile.”

A caustic laugh barked from me. “Two words no one has ever used to describe me are lost and fragile.”

He pulled back and cupped my cheeks. Kindness filled his eyes and I got lost in them. “I think you do a good job of hiding it, but you’ve been hurt. Deeply hurt.”

I rolled a shoulder. “No divorce is ever really amicable.”

Especially when your testimony puts your ex behind bars.

“Some hurt is expected,” I added.

He nodded. “All I wanted to do was pull you into my arms and kiss all the bad stuff away.”

For some reason I didn’t want him to know how his words touched me. My experience with my ex-husband had made me hyper-cautious and unwilling to share any weakness for fear it would be exploited. So, I fell back on past behavior and gave him an old, snarky Phil response to mask the emotions running rampant through me.

“I think that’s your medical brain talking. You see someone you think is hurting and you want to heal them, kiss it and make it all better.”

His grin grew slowly from one cheek to the other and I swear on Grannie Charlotte’s forty-inch string pearls I never wanted to look away.

“Well, the kissing part is true,” he said, bussing the tip of my nose. “But the reason behind it has nothing to do with the medical part of my brain. It has nothing to do with any part of my…brain.”

Proof of that was pressing against my abdomen.

Universal Link: BALANCE

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Photo of the day, day 282

I buy her toys…this is what she does.

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Photo of the day, day 281

tired pup.

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Meet Freddie Poole, heroine, from CHANCE (Last Man Standing); #preorder # sweetromance #widow

I have to tell you first, before anything else, I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea. I tell you this because my heroine in my upcoming book CHANCE is a coffee bar owner and barista – two things I had to heavily research!

Fredrika “Freddie” Poole already experienced her one great love, and the widow can’t read any future romance in her tea leaves. She’s content to bake, run her business, and care for her daughter. When she meets Chance Miller and he proposes they “fake date” to appease his family, she takes the idea under consideration and agrees because nothing will happen, emotionally, right? They’re only pretending to date.

Here are a few things you should know about Freddie:

~ she’s a first responder widow

~ she has a four-year-old daughter

~ she lives with her mom and stepsister

~ it was her dream to open a bakery, her husband’s to open a coffee bar, so she combined the two

~ baking is her first love

~ she isn’t looking for a happily ever after because she already had the love of her life

~ the name of her business is A HUG IN A MUG

Want to learn more about this pixie barista? CHANCE releases on 9.12.2022 but you can preorder your copy here, now: CHANCE (LMS)

And check out all the other LAST MAN STANDING books in the series – all books are STAND-ALONE romances.


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Photo of the day, day 219

Post-Covid I nap a lot because I get tired. Maple is very supportive and never leaves my side.

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Photo of the day, day 218

I’m working in bed. Maple is here for emotional support…although her snores are a bit distracting.

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Photo of the day, day 214

I wish you could hear him snoring…’s so cute.

And so loud! lol

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Photo of the day, day 213

The 6 pm doggie play group in Jersey City…

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