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#coverreveal for the new Louise Stevens #cozymystery DIAMONDS, DUNES, & DEATH

I’m so stoked today to help one of my favorite authors, LOUISE STEVENS, reveal the cover to her upcoming Port Sunset mystery DIAMONDS, DUNES, & DEATH.


Ta daaaaaaahhh

Corgis and champagne? Yes, please!!!

Here’s a little about the story….

I’m Millie Wentworth and I never thought I’d be involved in another murder, but here I am smack dab in the middle of a crime wave at the swanky resort where I’m Assistant General Manager. It started with a major diamond heist and ended with a dead body on the beach.

When one of my grandmother Lulu’s group of fun-loving septuagenarian friends is a prime suspect it’s time for Lulu’s Crew, Spud the corgi, and me to get sleuthing and uncover the real criminals.

And because dodging mobsters, international jewel thieves, and solving crimes isn’t stressful enough, my hypercritical parents are in town too. My mother doesn’t approve of Lulu and me in the best of times, and these are decidedly not the best of times. Plus she’s already planning my imaginary wedding to my kinda-sorta boyfriend Scott.

All I need to do is catch a murderer plus a jewel thief and survive my parents’ visit. No problem, right?

Port Sunset Mysteries:
Book 1: Penthouse, Pools, & Poison **Best Cozy Mystery Finalist, N.N. Light Annual Book Awards
Book 2: Diamonds, Dunes, & Death releasing on April 28, 2022
Book 3: Sunshine, Selfies, & Smugglers Coming Autumn 2022!


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