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25 Days of Christmas Ornaments day 16

I live in the woods. If you know me, you already knew that.

There is a wide variety of wildlife I can see out my office window every day. Birds, deer, turkeys, squirrels, the odd chipmunk. As a born and bred city girl I don’t know the differences between birds or anything else. I have trouble with dog breeds!

But I know we have a vast amount of different birds flying outside my window each day.

I have a friend who does know about birds. In fact, she gives me a bird ornament every year for my tree. Each of them are native to NH, which is cool, no?

Here’ the first one she gave me eons ago:

DOn’t ask me what it is. I think it’s a Robin but the odds are I’m wrong. I don’t really care what it is. I just love it!

I have several more on the tree but like I said, this is the first one and I always love a first-in-a-series, be it an ornament or a book.

More tomorrow, peeps




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