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Does anyone do BOOK CLUB anymore?

I know COVID destroyed a lot of things. Being isolated and quarantined for so long has to have a negative effect on socialization, so I’m wondering if one those social things that got shoved to the wayside were BOOK CLUB meetings.

Now, I know many people ( read: men) think book clubs are nothing more than an excuse for women to gather, drink wine and complain about their…men. While the drinking wine and gathering may be true ( and let’s just say the complaining is too,) most book clubs really do exist for a reason – to read and discuss a chosen book.

Sounds kinda obvious, doesn’t it men??! ( Add the sarcasm.)

So I’m wondering with COVID were book clubs able to keep on keeping on? Zoom could have helped, but there’s nothing like gathering in person to discuss your club’s chosen copy of the month is there?

And here’s a shameless plug: the reason I wonder about book clubs is because I’d like to have one of my books featured in one.

Told you it was shameless.

When I lived in Wisconsin I belonged to a book club that met once per month. The book was decided by the club manager and I never read a book that I liked or could relate to when I was a member. Part of the problem may have been because I was the youngest member at 30 and the mean average of the group was 70.

After we moved I was so busy with my family I never bothered to find a club in my new town.

But now that I write, I’d really like to get one of my books in front of a book club and get their reactions to my written words.

So ( here’s another shameless thing, this one is an ask!) if you have a book club with your friends, would you consider me for a featured author spot? I love zoom and I could pop in after you’ve all read the book to discuss it. Connections to people with similar tastes and likes in books is a great way to foster relationships, so if you’ve got a book club, please consider me!

Shameless blog post done!

Until next time, peeps ~ Peg


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