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SABLE ( Always a Bridesmaid – book 12) is available on @booksprout until 4.30 #sweetromance #medicalromance #friendstolovers

I’ve put up a few copies of SABLE over on Booksprout for those of you who read through that site. The cutoff date is 4.30 and the reviews have to be back by or on the release day of May 17.


Pediatrician Sable Miller is sick and tired of being the go-to, dependable bridesmaid in all her family and friends’ weddings. But her demanding job, the ridiculous hours, and endless family commitments keep her from finding the perfect man. A matchmaking service? Sounds like too much work. Swipe right dating? Not her thing. The bar scene? When was the last time she even had an evening free to go to a bar?

And forget about dating the myriad of on-the-make doctors and residents in her hospital. Besides, workplace romances never work out.

Sable’s options to meet the man of her dreams and start a family are dwindling and time is running out, because she promised herself the next wedding she would attend would be her own.

Kristopher Lee, the Physician’s Assistant assigned to Sable has a crush on his new mentor. But she’s got a hands-off rule when it comes to dating someone she works with. Kris is nothing if not persistent, though. After all, he didn’t survive three tours in the Army without focusing on a goal. And making Sable Miller fall in love with him is his best goal yet.


Of all the gin joints in all the world, he walks into mine. ~Sable Miller

What were the odds?

Of all the men to walk into the department it had to be the guy she’d crushed on all through high school and even into college. The one she’d snuck love-panged peeks at over her books during the classes they shared; the one she’d sat watching from the school’s stadium for, and cheered on, during games even though she hated football and didn’t understand it; the one whose girlfriend, Brittany, mocked and jeered her about her supposedly secret crush in gym class, calling her pathetic and stating no guy like him would ever be interested in a boring, bookworm of a girl like her.

The one guy she knew she subconsciously used as a yardstick to measure all other guys with.

Kristopher Lee. That guy.

As she unlocked her front door and tossed her purse on the foyer table, slipped out of her sneakers and jacket and left them lying on the floor where they landed, Sable groaned.

Of all the gin joints in all the world, she murmured, reciting a line from one of her all-time favorite movies.

Sable shook her head and sighed.

Kristopher Lee. Star athlete. Senior Council President. Voted best looking and most popular. Football quarterback. Army vet.

And now Physician’s Assistant.

He’d said it was a twisted path he’d taken to get where he was today. Natural nosiness had her wondering about that path. She could have asked. He’d wanted to talk with her, she could sense that. But if she asked him about his life, he’d want a quid pro quo about hers.

Never married. No kids. No long-term relationships. All I do is work. All I have is my job.

Brittany had labeled her pathetic in high school.

“Still fits,” she mumbled as she fell, fully clothed, into bed.

At the end of the shift, he’d caught up with her as she was about to hail a cab for home.

“I’m starving,” he said. “Want to grab a quick breakfast somewhere and catch up?”

I’d rather have a root canal.

Good manners kept her from saying it aloud. Instead, she told him she was always exhausted the first night of her rotation and needed to crash or she’d be useless for the next shift.

“No worries,” he’d said. “Rain check?”

 “Sure,” she said, absentmindedly, as a cab stopped in front of her. Kris opened the door, and she slid across the back seat and gave him a murmured, “thanks.”

“See you tonight,” he said, before closing her in. “Have a good sleep.”

As he stood on the curb looking as if he hadn’t just spent the past twelve hours running ragged, and with an open, easy, non-tired smile on his face for her, Sable couldn’t help but give him one in return.

With exhaustion pulling at every fiber in her body, the last image she had before all went black was of his smile.


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