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ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID kicks off today #sweetromance #perpetualFBparty #weddingseason

Today kicks of the ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID series and with it, a brand new PERPETUAL FB PARTY. You have to join the Facebook party page here: AABFB to participate.

Every Monday and Wednesday from now until May 27, a new book in the series will be released. Readers are invited to participate in the author 0f the day’s post. Once all the books are out in the romance reading world, a grandprize winner of a Kindle or a $70.00 Amazon GC will be awarded. The authors may be giving away prizes too on their respective days!

The first book is out today! JENNA by NANCY FRASER

Another day, another invitation to serve as Maid of Honor at one of her sorority sisters’ weddings. Who knew she had so many friends chomping at the bit to get married?

Professor Jenna Richardson is half-tempted to apply for a teaching position all the way across the country in an effort to get out of the bridesmaid spin cycle. The only things holding her back are the fact she slid haphazardly across the big 3-0 on her last birthday, and certain tenure is only months away.

Oh… and then there’s him. Elliott Maxwell, this year’s Writer-in-Residence. New York Times bestselling author, screenwriter, major pain in the rump who has all the department’s admins running around catering to his every whim.

Still, Jenna finds herself more than a little intrigued.

Elliott took this gig as Writer-in-Residence to—hopefully—jumpstart his creative mojo. The adage, ‘you’re only as good as your last’ is weighing heavily on his mind, and interrupting his muse. That, and the saucy, sexy English Professor in the office next door. She gets his ‘other’ mojo going with little more than a casual toss of her long, blonde hair. Or, the way she does her best to hide her beautiful smile.

Will their close proximity write them both a new chapter? Or, is their fledgling friendship destined for the bargain bin?

And don’t forget, my addition SABLE, is up for pre-order right now!



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