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Photo of the day, day 32 – Welcome to February!

For the past week, I have been staying with my daughter, her hubby, and this darling angel to help them out. They’ve started back to work, ending their maternity leave, and we all know how difficult a transition that is. I haven’t put any pictures of my grandson up on social media because I want to honor my daughter and son-in-law’s privacy. After all, they didn’t ask to be in the public eye. That’s my decision. But since you can’t see his beautiful face, my daughter thought this was a nice compromise.

This darling boy, just 4 months old, has had a bit of struggle so far. Low birth weight, plus he came into the world early, six different tongue ties making breastfeeding impossible, multiple allergies causing many gastric mishaps, even a bout with Covid. Despite it all, he is thriving and my heart is so full that sometimes when I look at him it wants to explode from joy. The minute I leave them to go home I cry. The entire way.

I never knew being a grandparent could be so deliciously wonderful.



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Photo of the day, day 26

For the past week I have been at my daughter’s home helping her and her hubby take care of their baby as they transition back to the work environment after their maternity leave ends. And yes, I did say their maternity leave. They were both granted 16 weeks post-delivery, which is great, but in my humble opinion, it should be a year each! BUt that is a post for business owners and the government to have,

I have been having me some fabulous grandma time!

This handstitched quilt is draped over the baby’s crib and denotes the theme of small woodland animals he has in his room.

This is my view every day when I wake up because his crib is across from my bed.


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