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Tomorrow, Week 5 in the RONE Awards starts. I’ve got a nominee that could use some #voting love!

I know, I know. Two weeks ago I bombarded and begged you for votes for a book that’s been nominated for a RONE AWARD. But I’ve actually got another one that’s been nominated, this time in the PARANORMAL SHORT category.

THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE is book 2 in the ROMANTIC HAUNTINGS series from Magnolia Blossom Publishing and tells the story of Indie Filmmaker Will June and botanist Jerica Toussaint.

Will wants to rent Jerica’s house to film a movie based on his brother-in-law’s book about a ghost.

Jerica is reluctant to rent because she has her own ghost story to tell about her house.

The Rules for voting are easy – especially if you’ve already voted for my other book. It means you’re already registered so you just go to the website and click on PARANORMAL: SHORT

If you’ve never voted before, these are the rules:

  1. SIGN IN to your IND’TALE ACCOUNT or Register at InD’tale magazine: www.indtale.com if you don’t have one. They will send you an email to confirm your registration. Click on that!
  2. Go to the drop-down that says RONES/CONTESTS in the upper right corner of the main page.
  3. A graphic will pop up with all the nominees. Locate the PARANORMAL: SHORT category and toggle down to THE HAUNTING OF WILTON JUNE by PEGGY JAEGER.
  4. click VOTE next to it and submit.
  5. You’re done!!!!

This is the review that got me to nominee status. Now I need your vote to advance to finalist!


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