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#99centsale MIX & MATCH, 1 week only, #sweetromance #smalltownromance #friendstolovers starts today!

Have you read this yet?

If you’ve been on the fence about it, now is a good time to download it to your Kindle, because for one week only, starting today, this little smalltown, friends to lovers romance is only 99cents.

Divorced and lonely, nurse Jasmine Green retains the services of Heaven, NH’s very own successful matchmaker, Olivia Joyner. The bar scene and dating apps give Jasmine hives and Liv’s reputation is stellar. If anyone can help guide her through the quagmire that dating has become, Olivia can.

Architect Donovan Boyd is ready to settle down. He wants the kind of marriage his parents have; long lasting, filled with love, children, and joy. But even after a year of living and working in Heaven, he’s still considered an outsider by many. Finding the type of woman he’s looking for is hard in the tight-knit community. Retaining Olivia Joyner to help him find his forever love is one of the smartest things he’s done, especially after she sets him up with Jasmine Green.

But the red-haired, green-eyed beauty wants a different kind of marriage from the one Donovan considers ideal.

Can these two strong-willed people learn to compromise so they can both find their happily ever after? Or will their relationship forever be relegated to the friend zone?

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A St. Patrick’s Day wealth of books!

Hi All. I’m joining 7 other fabulous writers and we’re offering you a variety of Irish-themed books for this wonderful holiday. From Irish heroes to heroines, and visits to the magical isle, these books are great representations of the Irish culture and people.

The Accidental Heiress by CJ Fosdick   A plane crash in the Shannon River spins Jessica’s belated Irish honeymoon into a hot boil of mystery and unexpected emotions.   Learn MoreMy Wild Irish Dragon by Ashlyn Chase   Dragon shifter Chloe Arish uses her Irish charm and fake documents to score an interview with the Boston Fire Department.   Learn More
Bail Out by Suzanne Winslow   Raised in a traditional Irish family, Nate respects commitment. So much that he has no intention of going down that road again.   Learn MoreOut of The Blue by Caroline Clemmons   Deirdre Dougherty never cursed at anyone, much less put a curse on the potato crop of her remote Irish village…   Learn More
Damage Done by MJ Schiller   When an unhappy youth leaves him damaged, will Teddy McKee be able to find love?         Learn MoreNew Release! Shamrocks Are a Girl’s Best Friend by Lucinda Race   Battered, broken, and looking for solitude, smoke jumper Tric heads to Last Chance Beach. Kelly knows this is the best place for him. Will a bit of Irish luck help them find love?   Learn More
New Release! Mix and Match by Peggy Jaeger   Divorced nurse Jasmine Green retains the services of a successful matchmaker. But the red-haired beauty wants a different kind of marriage than the one Donovan considers ideal. Learn MoreTess by Annee Jones   A betrayal…a secret baby…an unknown imposter…will Tessa survive the wagon train journey to Oregon after her life is threatened? And if so, what will she do when she gets there?   Learn More


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