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The 25 Ornaments of Christmas – day # 1

It’s no secret I love me a good Christmas tree ornament. At last count ( a week ago!) I have almost 500.

I know… can you spell H-O-A-R-D-E-R?? Lol


I’m done decorating this year and I only put up two trees instead of my usual 4-5 because I just don’t have tit time to go all out. I decorated the main tree with my favorite, all-around family and friend ornaments and decided to show you all some of the best of the best, so for the next 25 days I’ll be posting a picture a day with an explanation of the ornament.

Today’s is from 1987.

My hubby-to-be moved to Superior, WI for work six months before we got married. We were getting hitched on 12/26 and I was moving back with him the next day. He knew how much I loved the holidays and decorating and wanted to have a tree set up for me when I arrived back to what was now going to be our first home together. He happened to pass a GOODWILL box every day on his way to work and right before he left to come back to NYC to get married, he noticed that someone had “donated” a Christmas tree into the box. So he did what every self-respecting frugal young man would do and “gifted” the tree to me. By that I mean he brought the tree home, bought a stand and some tinsel for it, and then had it all ready for when I arrived on 12.27.

When his work friends heard about what he’d done they were hysterical. One of them made this ornament for him to put on the tree and it’s stood in a place of honor every holiday season since then.

Is it any wonder I’ve loved this man for almost 40 years??!!

Join me each day for the next 25 days to see some more of my favorite ornaments.

~ Peg



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