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#thursdaytease MAGIC’S CHARM #kindlevella #newepisode

Episode #5 released today. Here’s a little sumthin’ sumthin’ from it:

“I know you’re preparing for tonight’s show,” he said reaching them and tossing a wary eye at the panther, “but I wanted to apologize to you for what happened last night.”

“What happened is that you lied to me,” Siobhan said.

“Technically, it was a lie of omission.” When she began to open her mouth to dispute that, Rhys put up a hand, halting her, and said, “But it was still a lousy thing to do. I’ll admit that. I knew you didn’t want to meet with me. My publisher told me how adamant you were in your disapproval of this project. I thought if you got to know me, knew I wasn’t some horrible, miserable guy just trying to make a quick buck off your family, it may make it a little easier to cooperate.”

“What you call a project,” Siobhan said acidly, “is my family’s private business. And I don’t want it publicized, serialized, or discussed by the world.”

“I realize that. I’m Rhys McDowell, by the way,” he said moving to Riordan, his hand extended.

Siobhan bit back a nasty retort at the way her mother, as was characteristic, stood a little taller and straighter and primped her hair when Rhys noticed her. Extending her own hand, Riordan’s smile was free and open as she said, “Mr. McDowell. Our lawyer contacted us just last week to tell us of your publisher’s intention. We really haven’t had a lot of time to discuss it as a family.”

If you’re intrigued, here’s where you can read the whole story so far: MAGIC’S CHARM


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Something new in #Kindlevella MAGIC’S CHARM #fantasyromance #magic

So, it’s been a minute since I had a new story uploaded to my Kindle Vella account. I’m starting a new one today and it’s a bit of a departure for me – like all my other Vella stories have been, LOL!

MAGIC’S CHARM is a modern-day story about a master magician who is so much more than she seems on stage. She’s riddled with secrets – secrets she’ll do anything to keep from becoming public.

Unfortunately, writer Rhys McDowell wants to unearth those secrets. Chapters 1-3 in Vella are always free to read, so if you have an account, I hope you take advantage of this new story. I’ll be uploading new episodes every Monday and Thursday, as I write the story.

And remember – if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you get 200 free tokens to “spend” any way you want in Vella. That’s a great incentive to read the stories on the platform.

This should be fun….I’m hoping!

Happy reading, kids.

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