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Of dogs and weight and Nutrisystem

Last Thursday I took Maple for her yearly well-baby check.

I was not happy at the end of the appointment.

Not because of anything that happened. The Vet and the staff were fabulous, caring, and knowledgable.

What upset me is that the vet said Maple is obese and has to lose a minimum of 20 pounds.

Is she insane?? This is the dog who breaks land speed records if something drops to the kitchen floor. The one who never met a piece of poop she didn’t want to eat. The one with malabsorption syndrome, which, we’ve finally gotten under control ( read: no diarrhea 10 times a day) with the special food I cook for her.

20 pounds??

The dog eats a cooked stew of vegetables and the leanest cut stew meat every day. She doesn’t get fed from the table, walks about 2-3 miles a day ( I know because I walk her) and plays competitive frisbee with my husband, where, I swear, she runs at speeds like a Cheetah.

20 pounds?


The other piece of news that made this just ridiculous is that my doctor told me basically the same thing. I’m not clinically obese ( thank you, Jesus), but heading that way. I need to lose a minimum of twenty pounds, too, to offset any age-related health issues ‘cuz I’m over 60 now.

So I’m on Nutrisystem because that has always worked for me in the past. It allowed me to get into a gown for my daughter’s wedding, lol.

Do they make Doggy Nutrisystem?


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